We’ve all had that day where we start too fast in a race and end up burning out our energy as the day goes on. Nobody likes that feeling!

Training in different heart rate zones can be an effective way to manage your energy and achieve your cardiovascular and endurance goals throughout the day. It’s not perfect, but knowing which zone you’re in can pay dividends in managing energy appropriately.

First, you’ll want to understand what your max heart rate is, which you can roughly determine by subtracting 200 by your age. Next, check out our training zones below and plug in your age to see the appropriate heart rate ranges per zone.

Zone 1: Warm ups, weight loss, building endurance

Zone 2: Weight management, improving cardio fitness

Zone 3: Interval workouts and high intensity training


Your age

Your traning zone heart rate ranges are

Training Zone Zone Objective Zone Range(BPM)
Zone 1 (60-70% of Max Heart Rate) Weight loss, building endurance

Zone 2 (70-80% of Max Heart Rate) Weight management, improving cardio fitness

Zone 3 (80-90% of Max Heart Rate) Interval workouts

Recommended healthy target heart rate is for training 55 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.