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The Thrower

Cody Jones was born with Cerebral Palsy and an immeasurable will to overcome obstacles in life.


The date was August 25, 2005 and John and Jenna Otter, 43-year-old father and 18 year old daughter, were out for a hike in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Chris Holley Triathlon

One Race Can Change Your Life

Chris Holley was trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle that had him upwards of 400 pounds, and he turned his life around when he found the sport of triathlon

The Man in the Mirror

This is the story of Lionel Sanders, who has made an amazing transformation and is now one of the very best triathletes on the planet.

Dream Big

Her temperature soared to 104 degrees and if she had waited one more day before going back to the hospital, there is a good chance she would not have lived.

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