21 Day Women's Wellness Challenge (July)

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Event Description

You've heard consistency is key!  Well, it is...Our daily actions dictate OUR results!  If you want better results, join this 21 Day challenge with other woman just like yourself...Inspiring to be better!!! Together we will tackle each day, share our daily successes and help each other overcome any obstacles.  Good things are coming to those who commit to taking care of themselves each day.  What area(s) in your life do you want to focus on for the next 21 days...Fitness, Nutrition or BOTH???

Returning Challengers:   If you successfully completed our June 21 Day Challenge, then you are ready to STEP UP up the challenge by picking TWO daily goals to track for 21 days consecutive days.  We recommend keeping your original June goal and adding another goal.  However, you may track 2 new goals, if you absolutely did not like your goal last month. 

New Challengers:  If this is your first 21 Day challenge or you did not successfully complete the June challenge, then you only have to focus on ONE goal the entire 21 days to successfully complete the challenge.  Be sure to join us for the August challenge to earn your tank!


STEP 1:  Pick your goals!  Identify your daily fitness/nutrition goal(s) from the list below to track for 21 consecutive days in the month of July. 

*Returning challengers MUST pick TWO! 

Fitness Options: 

  • Exercise 30 minutes a day (any physical activity such as walking, biking, swimming, yoga, yardwork, etc.) 
  • Burn 300 calories a day through any physical activity 
  • Walk and/or Run 10,000 steps per day 
  • Walk, run, bike or swim a certain distance each day 
  • Custom---Make up your own daily fitness goal 

Nutrition Options:  

  • Drink 64oz of water per day to stay hydrated during these hot summer days
  • Remove something unhealthy from your diet such as No alcohol consumption or No artificial sugars
  • Track your daily calorie consumption for awareness or set a target 
  • Custom--Make up your own daily nutrition goal  

STEP 2:  Pick your days!  Identify 21 consecutive days in July to track your daily goals.  You can start your 21 days anytime during the month as long as you finish 21 consecutive days in July. We recommend starting on the first day of the month, so if you miss a day you have time to make it up.  See the example dates below.      

  • July 1st -21st, July 2nd - 22nd, etc.  
  • July 11th - 31st
  • Last day to start is July 11th to be able to complete 21 days.  Registration closes after July 11th. You can still join us for the August challenge if you missed the deadline.  Register for August now for the early bird discount!  

STEP 3:  Record your results on the website.  We encourage daily recording for daily accountability, but you may record weekly at minimum.  There will be PRIZES and SURPRISES each week!  Record frequently to be entered into the weekly drawings and earn your 7 day milestone badges!  Earn all 3 milestone badges to successfully complete the challenge. 

Lastly, join our private Facebook group for support or help others in this journey, learn/share tips & tricks, ask questions, etc. Click on the link below: 



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