PnK Fitness 421K Let's Make a Run for It!

353 Court Street
Rochester, NY 14604


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Event Description

Let's get up and move here's your chance to Make a Run for It! Yes you may be active in working out but when is the last time you got up and Made a Run for It? 

No matter what your next challenge is, a virtual race can help you meet your goals. Daily activity goals are endless for how you challenge yourself. So, find your next virtual race challenge and start working toward your goals now. Oh, and did I mention you don’t have to contend with the weather?  Virtual race events give you the flexibility to watch the forecast and complete the challenge in the conditions that suit you or you can even choose to complete your race in the comfort of being indoors on a treadmill to get your miles in.

Gone are the pre-race jitters and porta-potty lines. There’s no race day traffic or starting gun. Virtual races offer a more flexible race experience, you  sign up for a race, run the distance on a specific date or by a deadline, then they upload your finishing time online. This version gives runners something to train for and work towards. Often times, races act as motivation to stay active, which is important, but even more so now in the midst of a global pandemic It could be the jolt of inspiration you need.

Most people like the flexibility that a virtual race gives them. Maybe you hate physical races due to the ungodly hour you have to get up at. Or maybe you work weekends and couldn’t attend most races. Now, you can race in the evening, or maybe you prefer a quick 5K at lunch during the week. To make things more interesting, encourage family & friends to sign up to compete against. Putting a small wager on it (like the loser has to mow the winner’s lawn or do 100 reps of their most hated exercise, etc.) could be the competition you’re craving.  

It might not be the same experience as before, but it might be just enough to motivate someone to continue being active. 

So where do you race at? With a virtual race, you get to call the shots. The organizer(s) will typically give you a deadline for when you’ll need to complete your race (or set a goal to run a certain amount of miles in so many days), but ultimately, you can decide when and where you run. You can run in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, on a track, at a park, at the beach. You choose the starting line and map out your route to cover the distance. You can also pick the day and time you prefer to race.

At the very least, even if you don’t like it, trying a virtual race will give you something to do. If you’ve never competed, there is no time like right now to begin your trek to the finish line of your first race and find your own reason to run a virtual race by Making a Run For it!

Coach Pinky (Shanden)

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