Rat Race Arctic Asteroid 2023

Quebec, Q.E. 00

Running > Ultra

Event Description

Sitting in the vast Arctic Tundra of north-eastern Quebec lies a remarkable sight – an almost perfectly spherical asteroid crater filled with crystal clear deep-blue water, frozen over in winter with a motionless layer of smooth ice. Standing on the crater’s rim, you are surrounded by an almost endless horizon of white meeting a deep blue northern sky in this barren, treeless and haunting environment. The crater is an astonishing feature known to the local Inuit as Pingualuit – ‘the pimple.’ Our journey to the Asteroid will start out over the lunar-like landscape to reach our objective while carrying all of our gear with us and pulling sledges on this most other-worldly of adventures…

The Pingualuit Crater is 1.4 million years old yet was almost unheard of outside of the Inuit until the 20th century. It is thought to be one of the youngest and best-preserved meteorite craters on Earth and its lake contains some of the purest water in existence, as it has no outflow and is fed only by rainwater.

This is a harsh and barren landscape, lying some 220 miles above the boreal tree line in the permafrost zone of the Arctic Circle. Home to the Kangiqsujuak Inuit, who still practice their traditional hunting and fishing skills in this wild and hostile landscape, you will learn both of their own culture and of the haunting beauty of this vast and empty land. Arctic Asteroid is a true adventure – where you will need to rely on your own preparedness and you will dig deep into your own mental and physical mettle to see you through. This is a land that is unforgiving, where weather can turn quickly and where temperatures in the winter can plunge to levels almost unimaginable elsewhere on Earth. Be ready for the journey of your life as you go to a place incredibly few people on this planet have set foot, to see a sight so serene and ethereal, it will take your breath away.

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