20th Annual Florida Tour De Force #FLTDF

1450 NE Miami Gardens Dr
North Miami Beach, FL 33612


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Event Description

The 2017 Tour de Force police charity bicycle ride is set to kick off April 3rd in North Miami Beach and end in Daytona Beach Shores on April 7th. The Tour is a 5-day ride that averages approximately 50-55 miles each day at a moderate pace (15-17 mph) and will pass through 42 law enforcement jurisdictions.

The tour is a fully supported ride with police escorts provided by the Florida Highway Patrol, Sheriff's Departments and local Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the state. This is an awareness ride, not a race! Breaks are scheduled approximately every 12-13 miles and the ride is designed to accommodate both inexperienced riders and seasoned cyclists. Last year over 800 law enforcement personnel from across the state participated with over 70 riders completing the entire 270-mile trek to Daytona Beach Shores.

The inaugural 1997 Tour was dedicated to Trooper Robert Smith who was killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver. The Tour has grown in size each year and we are proud to announce that as a non-profit charity organization, we have raised over $300,000.00 for families of fallen officers and law enforcement related organizations. A total of $50,000.00 was paid out to four families for the 2016 Tour

This year's tour will benefit the families of all fallen Florida Law Enforcement Officers that were lost in the line of duty during 2016. The citizens, media and various law enforcements throughout the state have supported the ride over the past fourteen years' with great enthusiasm.


Event details and schedule

Parking: Will be crowded the morning of stage 1 and we will begin our trip promptly at 10 a.m.  And we will begin each morning thereafter at 10 a.m.  It is highly recommend you arrive early for check in for any last minute changes/additions or purchases you may or may not need to make.  A lite snack/breakfast will be provided by our sponsor Denny’s however amount is on a first come first serve basis.  It is recommend, that you are dropped off or secure parking for any combination you are choosing to participate in as transportation back is the responsibility of the rider. Partnering up with someone has been successful in the past.

Food:  Water and various fluids (example: Gatorade/PowerAde) will be available at each rest stop.  Snacks, fruits and various protein bars granola bars are also provided throughout the day. Dinner however is not and will be rider responsibility at the end of each day.

Equipment: Helmet is required all 5 days of your ride and you will not be permitted without it. Maintenance and general repairs are rider responsibility. However SAG and assistance will be present and assist you with flats all 5 days courtesy of Lauderdale Cycle. The type of bike, Road, Tri, Mountain is rider preference.   

Luggage:  Those participating in 1 or more days a place for your luggage will be provided and you will have access to it should an emergency arise.

Hotels:  Please follow the hotel information on the website located at www.floridatourdeforce.org, cost is the responsibly of the rider. We have however a discounted rate under “Florida Tour De Force”

Stage 1. Monday April 3rd will end in Boynton Beach

Stage 2. Tuesday April 4th will end in Port St Lucie

Stage3. Wednesday April 5th will end in Palm Bay

Stage4. Thursday April 6th will end in Titusville

Stage5 Friday April 7th will end at Daytona Shores

Those participating all 5 days will need to prepare for arrangements back to your vehicles/transportation home From Daytona.

TDF Jersey is included in your registration for 5 day riders (ONLY) and you will need to select a size of CLUB or RACE fit (NOT BOTH).  Note: Race fit jerseys are tighter and will run smaller in size. Those not participating in all 5 days are encourage to purchase a jersey however are not required to.  It is requested (not required) you wear the TDF jersey on stage 1 and stage 5.


Event Location & Accomodations

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