Athletic Brewing Company & Fleet Feet Westport - NA Beer Mile

Bunnell High School Track
Stratford, CT 06614

Running > 1 mile

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Event Description

Join us on Sunday, October 17th at 12:30pm to either participate, or spectate the first regional non-alcoholic beer mile race in Stratford, CT. HOKA will have demo shoes for participants to try during the heats. Athletic Brewing, Fleet Feet and HOKA will be awarding prizes! Net proceeds from this event will be donated to the Still I Run organization for mental health awareness.

COVID STATEMENT:  In areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.


1. Each participant will consume four cans of Athletic Brewing’s great tasting non-alcoholic beer and run four laps around a standard 400-meter track. They will start by drinking one brew, then running a lap, and repeating 3 more times.
2. Each can of non-alcoholic beer must be consumed within the transition area before the lap begins. The transition area is the 9-meter zone between the waterfall starting line for a mile race and the finish line of a 400-meter track.
3. The race begins with participants lined up on the mile starting line, drinking their first Athletic brew in the transition zone described above. This ensures that runners cover a complete mile. Participants can move in the transition area while drinking, but all non-alcoholic beer must be consumed in this zone before setting off to run a lap.
4. Participants must drink four, 12 oz. cans of non-alcoholic beer, which will be provided by Athletic Brewing.
5. Athletic Brewing cans must not be tampered with in any manner. (e.g. no shot-gunning, puncturing the can, squeezing the can, etc.), and the only allowable action is opening the can with the tab.
6. Each Athletic Brewing can must not be opened until the participant enters the transition zone on every lap.
7. Participants who heave at any point before they finish the race must run a maximum of one penalty lap immediately after the completion of their fourth lap.

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