New York City Triathlon

99th Street
Queens, NY 11368

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Event Description

1500M SWIM

The point to point 1500 meter swim starts on Manhattan's Westside at 99th Street and the Hudson River. The swim is a time trial start. Athletes swim south and exit just north of the 79th Street Boat Basin before running into transition.

Time Trial Start

All athletes will be grouped with their assigned Age Group or Division.
Per USAT standards, age groups are determined by your age at the end of the calendar year. For example, if you turn 30 in 2017, even after July 16, you will still compete in the 30-34 age group.
Age Groups/Divisions will be filed as a group onto the Start Barge. Athletes will enter the water approximately 15 athletes every 20 seconds.
Due to tide shifts, jump start only. No diving. Diving is grounds for Disqualification.
Timing mats will be located at the entrance to the Start Barge AND at the starting edge of the Start Barge.
All athletes will receive a Champion Chip net time from the moment they cross the mats at the edge of the Start Barge until they cross the Finish Line timing mats. The swim time split will start at Start Barge timing mats and will end at the Swim Exit Barge timing mats.
Transition Yellow athletes enter the water first. There will be approximately a 20-minute gap between Transition Yellow and Transition Red athletes.
Any athlete missing their assigned Age Group start will be held until the last start in their corresponding transition (yellow transition/red transition) start group.
Any athletes missing the last start in their corresponding transition start group (yellow transition/red transition) will not be permitted to start the race. No refunds. No race. No crying. No exceptions.
All athletes will enter the water continuously until the last Age Group in each transition has crossed the start mat. There are no assigned times, so each athlete must be attentive and responsible for being in place when their Age Group turn arrives.

Water Quality
If this guy approves, the water must be great so come on in! The historic Hudson River is the swim venue for the New York City Triathlon. The Hudson River is the cleanest it has been in 30 years and is considered bathing and recreation quality.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) monitors the testing on a weekly basis in the Hudson River to ensure the water meets the Triathlon’s strict standards.

For more information on water quality, log onto


The cycling course exits Riverside Park at 79th Street. Athletes enter the northbound entrance of the Henry Hudson Highway, staying in the right lane. Athletes will continue on a moderately hilly course north out of Manhattan, over the Henry Hudson Bridge, and exit onto the Mosholu Parkway. The course proceeds south on the Mosholu and U-turns at Gunhill Road in the Bronx. Participants will proceed back to the Henry Hudson Parkway and ride south in the Northbound Lane to 57th street where another u-turn will be completed and cyclists will head north and exit the Henry Hudson Parkway at 79th street and proceed back to the transition area. All bicycle traffic will utilize the normally northbound roadway which will be totally closed to vehicular traffic.


Runners will exit Riverside Park at 72nd Street and run into Central Park. Runners turn left when entering Central Park and run in a clockwise direction around the northern loop of Central Park. The Finish line is on Dead Road, just west of the band shell off the 72nd Street Transverse in Central Park.


Aid Stations will provide water in the following locations:

Swim start
Transition run in / run out
Run course - Mile 1, Mile 2, Mile 3, Mile 4, Mile 5


This race will utilize the EAS system, encompassing a color-coded system to reveal current event conditions. Participants will notice flags posted throughout the Race Venue, at the Finish Line and at each Aid Station on Race Day. EAS updates will be communicated through PA announcements, social media, web posts and/or dedicated emails.

Event Location & Accomodations

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