2017 Nanjing Mountain Marathon

Panlong Lake, Jiangning District
Nanjing, AK 210000

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Event Description

I. Host

Qing Ao Industries Nanjing Co., Ltd

II. Operation

Shanghai Skyview Sports Co., Ltd

III. Co - Operation

Association of Outdoor Sports of Nanjing

IV. Title Sponsors

China Universal Asset Management Co., ltd

V. Race date and location

March 26th, 2017 (Sunday) 8:30 am at the Panlong Lake, Jiangning District, Nanjing

VI. Date for race registration

1. December 15th,2016 - February 15th ,2017 ( All registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. )

2. Please refer to "Registration Note of 2017 CUAM Nanjing Mountain Marathon" for more information about the registration.

VII. Events

1. 42km group, with an elevation gain of 1200m

2. 25km group, with an elevation gain of 500m

3. 12km Family group, with an elevation gain of 300m

VIII. Course

Please refer to the course map publicized in the official website and "Race Brochure" for derailed course information.

IX. Participation

1. Runners in the 42km and 25km group should be in a health condition suitable for the race and at least 18 years old by the race day, March 26th, 2017.

2. Each team in the 12km family will be formed by an adolescent between 8 years old and 18 years old (born between March 26, 2009 and March 26, 1999) and a parent or a legal guardian (born before March 26, 1999). They should enroll the race together. Anyone in a good health condition can participates in the race.

3. The 42km group is limited to 350 entries. The 25km group is limited to 600 entries. The 12km group is limited to 50 groups. All registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. Please follow "Registration Note" to enroll the race.

5. Anyone who has any of the following diseases is not in a suitable health condition to participate in the 2017 CUAM Nanjing Mountain Marathon.

5.1 Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease

5.2 Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease

5.3 Myocarditis and other heart diseases

5.4 Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat

5.5 Diabetes

5.6 Other diseases that is not suitable for sports.

X. Race

1. Race numbers of all participants will be decided and distributed by the committee.

2. All participants have to arrive at and gather in the corrals correspondent with their events and their BIB numbers before 8:25 am, March 26th. The race will start at 8:30 am with a gunshot.

3. Cutoff distance and time: To ensure a safe race, cutoff time is set at some course sections. Participants who are unable to complete the respective distances during the regulated cutoff time should stop racing immediately and back out from the course in case of any dangers. Participants who drop out of the race can take the first-aid vehicles provided by the committee to get to the finish location.

  CP3 CP4 Finish line
42km group 5h 6.5h 8.5h
25km group N/A 3h 5h
12km Family group N/A N/A 3h

4. Please refer to "Guidelines for Athletes" for detailed information about the requirements and arrangements of the competition. (The guidelines will be handed out along with the BIB number and the timing chip.)

5. Participants who foul in the following ways will be disqualified and disallowed to take part in this race within two years.

5.1 Age falsefication or having someone else to run on behalf of the participant himself after registration.

5.2 Wearing others’ timing chips (including male athletes wearing female athletes’ timing chips), or wearing more than one timing chip in the race.

5.3 Regardless of the start sequence, setting off in wrong corrals.

5.4 Starting off ahead of the regulated start time.

5.5 Refusing to stop running after cutoff time or returning to the course after quitting the race.

5.6 Not following the regulated course to complete the whole race; adoptions of any means of transportation.

5.7 Couterfeiting BIB numbers; multiple persons running in turn with one bib number.

5.8 Refusing to follow directions of the race staff; interfering with the proceeding of the race; gathering around and making troubles.

5.9 Entering the course with pets.

5.10 Other behaviors violating the race regulations.

XI. Awards

1. All groups: Top 6 male runners and top 6 female runners (gunshot time) will be awarded.

2. All groups: Finishers’ medals will be handed out to runners who complete the race within the regulated time.

XII. Race insurance and medical

1. The race committee will purchase personal accident insurances for all the participants and staff. If insurances can’t be purchased or are invalidated due to incomplete or false information provided by the participants, it shall be the participants who take the responsibility.

2. Medical aid stations will be set up at every check point and the finish location. The race committee will also arrange for volunteers and staff at certain medical aid station and check point to assist with the medical care and to maintain the race order. Runners can call the emergency number printed on the bib numbers to ask for help for any problems.


  1. The insurances that the race committee will buy are personal accident insurances. However, problems caused by diseases or physical conditions like heatstroke and faint are not within the coverage of personal accident insurances. Therefore, please enroll the race with prudent considerations based on your own health conditions.
  2. The race committee will provide free field first aid during the race, but all costs in the hospitals shall be borne by participants themselves.
  3. It will be participants themselves to take the responsibility if there are personal injuries or deaths caused by dopes or other illicit drugs during the race.
  4. Staff and judges authorized by the race committee have the right to stop participants who are evidently not in suitable conditions to run from keeping on racing in consideration of their life safety.

XIII. Judges

Judges of the race will be appointed by the race committee.

XIV. Contact

Race committee of 2017 CUAM Nanjing Mountain Marathon

Address: Room 312, Building A, No.10, No.619, LongChang Road, Yangpu Shanghai

Tel: 021-6567 3828

Postcode: 200090

Website: http://nanjing.huluanpao.com

Email: service@skyviewsport.com

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