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Brokentrack 2 - the sequel
Welcome to the 2nd edition of brokentrack 12 hour and 6 hour ultras, registration will open October 1st! This year we are adding a limited 5 Team, 5 Person Relay option (for charity!). The track will not be demolished for remodel until after 2022, so we will get one more go at the course. Permit has been secured for 2022, and with a cap of 60 individual runners and just 5 relay teams we will likely sell out early again.

How many laps can you run around a track in 6 hours? How about 12 hours? Pick a fixed time and knock out as many laps as you dare to. Do as much or as little as you can or want to. Race with old friends or make some new ones. Run, walk, or crawl, but have fun. It's going to be hot! It's going to be rocky!

The Track
Welcome to the brokentrack 12/6 hour races, a fixed-time race around the "historic" 1/4 mile track at GC Herring Park in Rotonda, Florida. The goal is to run as many 1/4 mile loops as you can in your desired time. In the 1970s, the track at GC Herring was the site of ABC's World of Sports televised competitions that brought together top athletes including Walter Payton, Kyle Rote Jr., Pete Rose, OJ Simpson, and Joe Frazier to compete in sports competitions in the area, including running and biking races around this very track. Over 40 years later (and the name of the race should be taken quite literally!), the mostly-forgotten track hosted a new set of champions in 2021. This isn't your fast rubberized cool-weather track race. It's June in Florida on a track that sometimes feels like a trail and even has a little elevation.

Course Records
The Ladies dominated the 2021 event. Can you top them?
12 Hour: 238 Laps (Viktoria Brown)
6 Hour: 140 Laps (Joanne Fisher).

Race Rule FAQ:
1. Direction Change: This year we will change direction every 3 hours.

2. Aid Stations/Canopies can be set up on the inside of the course, but will need to be about a few feet off the course to allow runners to step off when accessing their aid stations. There should be plenty of room to setup! Last year, most people set up on the outside of the course. If you want to have quick access to your car, you must use the outside, you cannot park in the track

3. Everyone has the right to the inside lane (I use the word lane loosely here because the lane markings have long disappeared at brokentrack!) as it is the shortest distance around the track! Faster runners are responsible for changing lanes to pass. We ask that you do not "congregate" with a group of friends and create a wall in the inside section of the course. Ideally runners will be able to easily pass where lane 2 would be (if lines existed!).


Important Fun Notice
This race is meant to be a lot of fun! There will be a lot of people on the track, and many will be walking or pacing themselves. So yes, you will be running around people while also dodging the potholes. Relax and have fun.

Aid Station/Personal Setup
Runners in the 12/6 hour race will be able to set up a table/canopy (or throw a towel on the ground, whatever) around the track for personal aid stations. We will have a supplemental aid station that will offer a rotating snack throughout the race. Expect a different food or "snack" item each hour. There will be Pizza at 1PM. Other items throughout the day can range from fruit or chips to flavr-ice or similar. We will have a sign at the station to alert you of the current offering, and all snacks will be grab-go style not hands into the dish!) While we will provide these supplemental items, please be prepared to provide for other nutritional needs (such as fruits, snacks, beverages, etc) as you may or may not like the offering of certain hours.

Please bring your own ice to stay cool. Water and Electrolytes should be filled or swapped at your personal aid stations/setups if possible.


New: 6 Hour Relay (Charity)
Last year, our friend Dug from Durti Runners/Timing did his race as a charity event (mostly to get out of doing too many laps himself!). We loved the idea and have decided to do a 5-person, 6-Hour Relay event. Teams are $225 each for up to 5 runners. Teams will earn $1 back per lap completed to go to charity. The more laps the teams run, the more money goes to charity. Winning Team can pick the charity from a selected list of local and state charities. Each Team member will receive a finishers medal and a team shirt, with team colors selected in order of registration. There will be awards for the winning charity team.

New: 12 Hour Relay
Replacing the 1 Hour Option this year is a 12 Hour Relay (plus a 6 hour Charity relay option). Each team can have up to 5 members and will run one at a time. There will be only 5 relay teams available for each the 12 hour and 6 hour relay! A race belt will be included per team to easily transition between runners. You can change runners in and out as frequently as you want, but only one runner per team may be on the course at a time. Team captain will pay for the team and we will collect shirt sizes closer to the race date from the captain. Winning team will get an overall award for each member.

Soft shirt
- Finisher medals for all runners who complete at least one lap of 1/4Mile
- Bathrooms on site, steps from the course! .
Race Awards are TBD, but likely Top 3 M/F in each race this year.

A few notes: The race will be chip-lapped, and there will be two independent machines reading the chips (one will be used for the live-timing, and a second used to verify if there are any discrepancies. IMPORTANT: Your watch will show much more distance than what you will officially have. Running around people, visiting the bathroom, and going to the aid station will add a lot of distance! So, please expect that your watch will be more impressive than your final official mileage. (Don't worry, everyone is in the same boat)

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