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Event Description

Obatron Productions' exercise arm, Obatron Fitness, is proud to introduce a new race option, Nocturnal 12. Walker and mobility-impaired friendly. Diet sensitive. Race indoors or out, virtually or in person!

Distance Available

As many miles you want within the 12 hour time limit. To be considered a finisher at the in-person race, you must finish at least one out-and-back trek, approximately 2.05 miles.

Where You Can Get Your Miles

Nocturnal 12 is a 12-hour fixed time available as a virtual OR in person race. Imagined to be walker and mobility-impaired friendly and diet sensitive. Racing on your own allows you flexibility to race your way within our parameters.

Virtual: Walk or run as many miles as you want to or can within 12 consecutive hours with a minimum of two hours in the dark at any point during the race weekend at a location of your choosing and submit your results online. Increase the size of your packet by participating in Earned Extras online or through email upon request, if you don't use Facebook. Pick up your packet or get it delivered within a few weeks of your race.

In Person: Walk or run as many miles as you want to or can within 12 consecutive hours with a minimum of one out-and-back circuit on the 2.05-mile, flat, paved path. Increase the size of your packet by participating in Earned Extras online or through email upon request, if you don't use Facebook. Pick up your packet or get it delivered within a few weeks of your race.

Being night-themed means you can expect a variety of night-time odds and ends! Registration includes a Nocturnal Snack Pack, Packet Expanders, and opportunities to bulk up your packet and interact with other racers by participating in our signature Earned Extras.

When to Race Virtually and Entering Results

You can race from 12 a.m. on Friday, October 21, to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, October 24, 2021. This is the honor system. If you choose to race earlier for any reason, know that you will NOT be able to access any of the race materials or Earned Extras early.

All results must be submitted by 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 25, 2021. Enter your ENTIRE time, including seconds, each time you have an entry. If you don't enter your race time on time, you won't be in the results. Simply go to the Results page and click on "Submit Virtual Results." The race reserves the right to request evidence for especially speedy performances.  However, it's a lot of fun to share our stellar performances and new accomplishments, so feel free to share pictures of your device recordings and such at Obatron Fitness Conversation Space on Facebook under the Earned Extras posts for such things.

When/Where to Race In Person

Park on the wide shoulder on Island Cottage Road. The race takes place on the Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail from Island Cottage Road to Dewey Avenue. The race starts at 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 23, and ends at 5 a.m. on Sunday, October 24. You can show up after 5 p.m., but will not be able to start until the race director can stop what she's doing and check you in.

What You Get

Individual Races

  • Medallion: Personalized medallion.
  • Jacket: Race outerwear in unisex (men's) sizing sent after the race is done.
  • Pre-Race Prep Packet (Virtual Only): Racers registered by October 15 will be mailed items for use before or during your race. Racers registered after that point will receive theirs with their post-race packet.
  • Late Night Munchies: A variety of night-time munchies to keep you moving.
  • Packet Expanders: Surprise items to round out your experience.
  • Earned Extras: Opportunities to earn points that get you more swag and chances to receive premier prizes from Obatron Fitness and any sponsors, predominantly through the Obatron Fitness Facebook Group.  See Sponsors Prizes for Earned Extras below for more information.
    • trivia
    • image scavenger hunt
    • multiple questions throughout the weekend
    • pre- and post-race activities
  • Virtual bib (in-person folks also get a physical bib)
  • Digital finisher's certificate for each race (ready the after the race)
  • $10 gift card for Road iD (offered at registration; be sure to opt-in)
  • RunGoo discount (See Sponsors from menu)
  • Facebook group to interact with fellow racers and their supporters as well as participate in challenges, ask questions, and get updates.

In-Person Teams (Groups)

Teams are groups of four or more people who each do as much as they can throughout the 12-hour limit. Besides the things individual racers get, teams also get:

  • Team token
  • Team standings
  • Small prize for team members with the most participation in Earned Extras Points Posts, if at least three teams are formed.
  • Team captains and members get bonus points toward Earned Extras.

Prizes for Earned Extras Participants and Racer Raffle

Prizes may include skin care items, sweet treats, stress relief trinkets, an entry into another Obatron Fitness race or training, RunGoo by Foot Kinetics, and other items to be determined. Items are sorted into tiers. The first five tiers guarantee you a specific prize. The final two are for chances to receive the premier prizes (race entry and training, for example).

Swag Details

Medallions: Medallions will be personalized with your name and finish time. (Results entry required for time personalization for virtual racers.)

Late Night Munchies: Virtual racers get a snack pack shipped to them; in person racers will have an aid station. At registration, you'll have choices about dietary specifications. If you make no choices, we'll default to a traditional, unrestricted diet. If you choose contradictory things (vegan and traditional, for example), we'll default to traditional. If items shipped don't suit you, consider donating to a food pantry or blessing box. 

Packet Pick-up/Delivery/Shipping: We are placing one order for outerwear after the race so all racers, whether virtual or in-person, will get the outerwear size they request. To streamline our packet process, the default is shipping for those outside our drop-off radius and delivery within it. For those who would prefer to meet up to get their items, packet pick-up dates will be offered via email after everything is ready to assemble into a packet. There is no discount for choosing to come in person. The goal is for everything to be ready on or before Sunday, November 20.

In person packets will be available starting at 4 p.m. and will include the race bib and some goodies for race night.

Discount Offers & Referrals

Being Part of a Team
Teams with four or more members get discounted registration. The first three people pay the price in effect for the race (Ex. $200). When the fourth person registers, that person pays the team rate (Ex. $190) and the first three people get a partial refund (Ex. $10). The fifth, sixth, and seventh members pay the same team rate as the fourth person (Ex. $190). However, when an eighth person joins, that person pays a new, lower rate (Ex. $175), triggering a partial refund to the first seven members ($15). In that way, the entire team would have paid the same price per person after all team discounts have been triggered, excluding any coupons or other discounts individual registrants might have had (Ex. $175 instead of $200). There are no further discounts for additional members. 

Being in a Club
If you are a member of any club with a presence on RunSignUp (ex. GRTC, Fleet Feet Race Team, Medved, or Obatron Fitness), you get a discount at checkout for that. If you join a team within this race at registration, you get partial refunds when you get to enough people (detailed earlier in this section).

You may earn back some of your registration by having other racers use your personal referral link, generated after you register. See the "Referrals" section for more information.

While club and team discounts, coupons, and referrals rebates may be combined, there is a discount floor to ensure we are fiscally responsible with our pricing. For example, if you could get a total of $11 off a race that only costs $16 to begin with, you would pay $10, not $5.


Virtual: No formal placement awards are planned for winners, but there will be acknowledgements for Top and Tenacious finishes. However, you are encouraged to enter (down to the second) your time to establish a race history, be able to create a finisher's certificate, and to embrace the fun of it. Besides, you never know what may happen as the event gets underway! (We've been known to surprise people.)

If there are three or more teams formed, there will be a small bonus prize for members of the most active group in the Earned Extras challenges. If there are five or more, there will be acknowledgement of the Top and Tenacious Team finishes. If only one or two teams are formed, there will be no planned prizes.

In Person: There will be a small token of placement for the top and final race finisher. If we have multiple teams, there will be a token for the top team. If we have enough racers, there will be a token for the top and final male and female racers.


As our sponsors come on board and provide logos, a full list will be available on our sponsors page. If you know someone who you think would be a good sponsor, let them know to contact the race director at Sponsors provide discounts, prizes, or both and make their clients aware of the event in exchange for advertising and an optional discount for their clients. RoadID will send a message with your individual coupon code, so check your email for that.

Additional Details

Changes and Updates

I will post additional details as they are finalized. Any changes will be updated here, on the Obatron Fitness Facebook page, in our Facebook group, and communicated through RunSignUp messaging.

Gender Designations

We recognize there are those who would rather not pick male or female when asked to choose. Unfortunately, there's not a way to offer other options that will also feed into the results. As such, we ask your understanding that we are limited by the nature of registration tools and finite resources rather than disregarding anyone's preferences in how they are addressed or define themselves.

Event Location & Accomodations

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