Bellevue Downtown Park, Terrace Seating
Bellevue, WA 98004


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Event Description

The First-Ever Active Sitting Challenge!


Can you sit still for 5 minutes?


Yes, you say? Then, we challenge you to take part in Stillness Cup, the first-ever active sitting challenge.


Sit for 5 minutes and show us your stillness.

Sign Up now to register to sit with a smart sensor provided by Stillaton to get your stillness results.
The participant with the best stillness performance wins a $100 Prize and the 5-Minute Stillness Cup Champion Title for 2021.


Active sitting in stillness is a dynamic sitting activity in an upright posture to activate your core and make belly breathing easier. Wearing a Stillaton sensor and app provided at the event, participants follow three simple steps.

3 Simple Steps to Active Sitting in Stillness:
  1. Stabilize your base support (pelvis and buttocks) with your legs while seated
  2. Stack your upper body (chest, neck, and head) upright
  3. Belly breathe and balance upright posture with micro movements or sway


Maintaining an upright posture is a process of perpetual motion while standing or sitting still. While sitting still sounds simple, it's not easy. According to a 2014 research study, most of you would rather shock yourselves with a 9-volt battery than sit still.

Why Active Sitting in Stillness?

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,” wrote Blaise Pascal. If that was true 500 years ago before technology, it's much truer today.


We live in a constant hyper-vigilant state with our autonomic nervous system to adapt and survive in this modern world. As a result, we are readily jerked in a million directions with quick reactions without even thinking. So, whoever you are and whatever you're doing, you would benefit from having some stillness.


Turning sitting into an activity that focuses on breathing and sways with sensor feedback enables self-care with stillness to reduce stress and boost attention. In addition, turning active sitting into a social gathering engages others and promotes community benefits that positively change our world.

Contest Rules
  • Register to participate and sit at the Downtown Bellevue Park
  • Registered participants pay once and have multiple chances to sit again on different days to improve their results
  • The participant with the best stillness performance on the last wave on December 19 wins the event prize and title



Stillness Cup is an outdoor event at the Bellevue Downtown Park Terraced Seating by the Plaza where the Ice Rink is currently setup. The organizers will provide dry seat cushions at the event. Please dress accordingly. Check out photos of the site here.

Charity Donation

Stillness Cup organizers will donate part of the proceeds to its charity partner, The Trauma Foundation.

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