Tunnel to Towers Climb - Tampa, FL

201 N. Franklin Street
Tampa, FL 33602

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Event Description

How long is the T2T Tower Climb at Tampa City Center? 
You will be climbing up to the 41st floor and ending on the roof! That’s 861 steps! (The timing of the climb officially ends on the 39th floor but there are two additional flights to get to the roof.)

How many steps are there per flight? 
The number of steps varies per flight. 

Do I have to climb all the way to the 39th floor or the roof in order to participate in the T2T Tower Climb? 
No, there will be several bailout floors throughout the climb. Going to the roof after completing the official climb on the 39th floor is optional. But we recommend you do it to check out the breathtaking views and to celebrate your achievement with the other climbers!

How many bailout floors are there?
There will be several opportunities to bail out on floors 13, 22, & 31. Water stations will also be available on those three floors.

Can I climb more than one time up? 
Yes, after your first climb, please take the elevator down to the first level. You may rejoin the line and climb as many times as you would like until the closing ceremony begins.

Will there be medical assistance if necessary?
There will be medics on the premises in the event of an emergency. 

Will hallways be included in the climb distance?
Yes, participants will have to pass through one hallway on the 39th floor to transition from stairwell 1 to stairwell 2 to complete the climb. There are no other transition points

What direction does the stairwell wind?
The stairwell winds to the right.

Is there a limit on how many people can register?
No! The more the merrier.

How long does the T2T Tower Climb take?
This depends on how many floors you climb, and on your fitness level, speed and amount of time spent at rest areas. Elite Climbers may finish the 41-story climb in 6 minutes or less, while the average participant should take about 25-45 minutes to finish. Keep in mind you can go up as many times as you would like before the conclusion of the event or you can participate in the POWER HOUR. Please Note: All climbers must use the elevator or the other stairwell to go down (not the main stairway).

Is this a timed climb?
Yes. Timing chips will be attached to the back of your bib and will record your finish time. The timing chip should remain affixed to your bib. In order to receive an accurate time, please make sure your bib is clearly visible on the FRONT of the torso. 

Check back shortly for information on wave assignments and the link to the website with official results!

Can climbers stop on a landing to catch their breath?
Yes, but be aware that other participants are behind you, so please try to stay out of their way. Slower climbers should move to the left, allowing faster climbers to pass on the right.

I might get tired and be unable to finish, what should I do?
No problem if you cannot finish. Just find a volunteer or staff member who can escort you to the nearest rest area and direct you to an elevator. 

I’m a first responder/military. Can I wear my bunker/turnout gear, Scott pack, service/utility/combat uniform, etc.?
Yes, you may wear your uniform with gear. In fact, we encourage it!

What is an "Elite Climber”?
An Elite Climber is a competitive stair climber who routinely participates in stair climb events and can run up the stairs, completing the climb in a very fast time. Most participants are NOT considered Elite Climbers. 

Can I bring my cell phone?
Yes, you may bring your cell phone.  

When can I pick up my registration packet (bib and t-shirt)?
Registration packet pickup will be on Friday, October 7th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm in the esplanade at 201 N. Franklin Street, the site of the climb.     

On Saturday, October 8 (day of event), you can pick up your bib and t-shirt starting at 7:00 am in the esplanade. All climbers MUST have a bib in order to participate. Non-bibbed spectators are welcome to cheer on climbers.    

What time should I arrive at Tampa City Center?
We will be open at 7:00 am for new registration and packet pick up. Please plan to arrive in time for the Opening Ceremony at 8:00 am. 

8:00 am:  Opening Ceremony
9:00 am: Elite climbers and first responders/military climb
11:30 am: Closing Ceremony and Awards

Why am I being assigned a start time?
Climbers' start times must be staggered with First Responders/Military and Elite Climbers starting in the first waves. This is done in order to ensure that the stairways aren’t congested and to ensure everyone's safety in the stairwells. 

When will I receive my start time?
Wave assignments will be emailed to you a few days before the event.

I want to climb with my team, family or a group of friends. Will we be able to start the climb together?
Yes, but you must be part of a team in order to be assigned the same start time. Please make sure to indicate what team you are climbing with when you register.

Are team members assigned the same start times?
Yes, team members will be assigned the same start time UNLESS a team member indicates that he or she is an elite climber while the rest of the team is not. All elite climbers will be assigned to one of the initial waves. Check back shortly for information on wave assignments.

Can I climb in my bunker/turnout gear, Scott packs, service/utility/combat uniform, etc.?
Yes, First Responders and military only.

Can I wear a weighted rucksack?
Yes. Ruck climbers are welcome!

How do I get to the event?
The address to use for your GPS is:  201 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602 

Is parking available?
Yes. Parking is available in the Fort Brooke Garage, 107 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602.  

Is a bag check area provided?
There will be no bag check so please plan accordingly.  We will check any small items that can fit in a sandwich size clear Ziploc bag i.e. car keys, cell phone.  The Foundation is not responsible for any personal items/valuables.

Can I bring my cell phone?
Yes, you may bring your cell phone into the stairs, however, please make sure you do not block the stairwell if you stop to take pictures.

Will there be water stations along the climb?
Yes. There will be three water stations along the climb.

Can my friends and family wait for me at the finish line on the 41st Floor?
No. Due to space limitations and security restrictions, no spectators are allowed at the finish line. 

Will I receive an event t-shirt?
Yes. All participants in The T2T Tower Climb will receive an event t-shirt in your race packet and a finisher's medal after your climb. 

T-shirts can be picked up at the designated packet pick-up location on the esplanade.

Is a bag check area provided?
Due to strict security regulations, we are unable to check bags larger than a ziplock bag. The Foundation is not responsible for any personal items/valuables.

Can my friends and family wait for me at the finish line on the 39th Floor or on the roof?
No. Due to space limitations and security restrictions, no spectators are allowed at the finish line. They can greet you when you exit the building after an elevator ride down!

Will I receive an event t-shirt?
Yes. All participants in The T2T Tower Climb will receive an event t-shirt and finisher's medal. T-shirts can be picked up at the designated packet pick-up location.

What is the entry fee for the T2T Tower Climb?
The entry fee for all climbers, including First Responders/Military, is $40. The entry fee for children 17 and under is $20.  Note that we will have a 50% off registration fee Early Bird Special upon launch of the registration plus we will have a couple more specials leading up to the climb.

 Is there a fundraising minimum?
NO! Our goal is simply to honor and celebrate our first responders and military heroes. There are no fundraising minimums, however, we do encourage everyone to fundraise in support of the various programs the Foundation operates.

What does the Foundation do with the money raised?
Proceeds will benefit the Foundation’s various programs including our Smart Home Program, Fallen First Responder Home Program and Gold Star Family Home Program. To learn more about the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and our programs, please visit www.tunnel2towers.org.

Is there a minimum age to participate?
No, there is no minimum age to participate. Children 17 and under must have parent permission to participate.

When is the deadline to register for the T2T Tower Climb?
Anyone can register for this event until the start of the climb.  Please note, if you register after we close online registration or in person at the event our prices go up so register early to save.    

Here’s the schedule for registration:
October 5 at 11:59 pm.  REGISTRATION WILL OFFICIALLY CLOSE AND REGISTRATION WILL INCREASE TO $50 for adult and competitive registration options.
First Responders and Children will remain at $40 and $20 respectively. 
Anyone wishing to register can do so at Packet Pick Up on October 7 or the morning of the climb between 7:00 and 8:00.

Can I make a donation towards my fundraising campaign?
Yes. Once you have completed your registration, you can make a donation on your individual fundraising page.

My company has a matching gift program. Can I submit my donation to my company for matching and have that amount added to my fundraiser?
Yes, but only if the matching gift is received by October 5.   

Is any portion of my entry fee tax-deductible?
No. The entry fee helps cover the cost of producing the T2T Tower Climb and includes a participant t-shirt. All donations made or raised above and beyond your entry fee are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

If I am no longer able to make it to the T2T Tower Climb after registering, can I get a refund or have someone else climb in my place?
No, participation is non-transferrable and registration fees are non-refundable. Your registration fee will become a fully tax-deductible contribution.

How do I form a team?
You can form a team while you register online by selecting the option to "Fundraise as a team". You will be offered the option to JOIN A TEAM or START A TEAM.  If you select “join a team” it will give you a list of current teams.   

Is there a limit on team size?
No - sign up as many teammates as you can!

I am a Team Captain. Can I enroll all members of my team at one time?
Yes! You can register all your climbers.   

Can I pay for my whole team by company check?
Yes, a team can submit one check from its company for every team member's registration fee.

 How do we register our company team if paying by check?
Please contact tampa@t2t.org if you plan to pay by company check.

How can I be a volunteer for the T2T Tower Climb?
We welcome volunteers to help us with the event. Please register as a volunteer on our registration page and contact tampa@t2t.org to express your interest in volunteering.

Do you accept donations for the T2T Tower Climb?
Yes. We are seeking donations of water, food or giveaways for our climbers. 

How can I be a sponsor for the T2T Tower Climb?
Sponsors make a big impact on our event and we have many opportunities for promotions at our event. Please contact tampa@t2t.org for any vendor or 3sponsor opportunities.

For additional questions about the climb please contact tampa@t2t.org.

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