A Run the World in 60 Days

123 Your Aunt's Creepy Attic Lane
Renton, WA 98059


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Event Description

YOU RECEIVE a letter in the mail from the executor of your mysterious aunt's estate, informing you that she has peacefully passed away recently and has named YOU, a hapless runner, as the executor of her estate. Mystified, you travel across the country to her home to begin the process of going through her estate. 

While organizing albums containing a dizzying amount of photos that can only be described as a cross between the mystical and the scientific, you decide to take a break and go through the things in the attic. No sooner do you arrive in the musty room than your eyes are drawn to a peculiarly dust-free and immaculate looking treadmill off to one side. As a runner, you are surprised to see such an accoutrement in her attic of all places, but nonetheless step on to the machine and start it up. No sooner does it get above 2.5 MPH than an enormous, yawning vortex appears below you and sucks you in to cross through time and space on a magical mystery tour that we call....A RUN THE WORLD IN 60 DAYS.

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