Kettle Krush

3318 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27603


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Benefiting the Salvation Army of Wake County

Course Records - NC State Highway Patrol Driving Track
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5.5K - Male: D. Buffington - 17:29 (2022)          5.5K - Female: G. Helfrich - 24:30 (2022)
11K - Male: C. Holt - 41:57 (2022)          11K - Female: A. Rider - 50:08 (2022)
Eye Laps - Male: A. Manzo - 5 Laps - 2:04:40 (2022)          Eye Laps - Female: A. Rider - 4 Laps - 1:41:16  (2022)

Fit & Able is proud to bring back the Kettle Krush in partnership with the Salvation Army of Wake County and hosted by the NC State Highway Patrol as a part of their mission to improve the quality of life in our community.  Join us at the Kettle Krush help support the Salvation Army of Wake County and to learn more about the Department of Public Safety and how it serves you and your family.

Runners will have the opportunity to run on the NC Highway Patrol Driving Track. There is NO SPEED LIMIT on the track so go as fast as you can! 

PLUS, there's the Eye of the Storm lap race! In the wake of Hurricane Ian we challenge you to see how many 5.5K laps you can do in TWO HOURS with special awards and the chance to use ONE RUN to compete in MULTIPLE RACES! More Eye of the Storm details are below. 

Please invite your friends and family to join you to support this incredible organization.
Giving Hope, Doing Good

One of the largest charitable and social service organizations in the world, the Salvation Army of Wake County has been serving the people of Wake County since 1887. They provide food for the hungry, companionship to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, opportunities for underprivileged children, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, and many more services to assist those in need.

Eye of the Storm: Since this is a looping driving track we are using the same 5.5K course for all races. Greater distance races will run increasing laps of that course. BUT the longer distances will ALSO get the split times for each 5.5K lap! The course closes for all races at 11:00 AM. Runners will not be allowed to start a new lap after that point but runners who have started a lap before 11:00 AM will be allowed to finish their run and their full laps will be counted. 

PLUS there will be special awards for those races at each split too! So you may not win the race but you might win a lap or two and win prizes as well!

  • 5.5K - 1 Lap - Finish Time
  • 11K - 2 Laps - 5.5K Split & Finish Time
  • Eye - 3+ Laps - each 5.5K lap Split & Finish Time

PLUS PLUS you can race MULTIPLE distances and win MULTIPLE awards with ONE run and ONE finish time! How? If you sign up for multiple race distances, you will get a timing chip only for the longest distance but we will apply your lap split times as finish times to the shorter distance races. You will be eligible for the Overall, Age Group, and Lap Split awards for all registered events!

  • eg. Sign up for the 5.5K, 11K, & Eye of the Storm:
    • 5.5K Lap Split (Lap 1) = 5.5K - Finish Time & 11K/Eye - 5.5K/Lap 1 Split;
    • 11K Lap Split (Lap 2) = 11K - Finish Time & Eye - 11K/Lap 2 Split, etc.) 

AND you'll get a DISCOUNT when you sign up for multiple races too (* discount applies to the lowest cost event on multiple registrations per participant):

Sign Up for More Races & Save!
* Applies to 5K & Greater Races Only *
$15 off 2 Events - $30 off 3 Events

All in-person and virtual 5.5K, 11K, and Eye of the Storm runners will get a Kettle Krush shirt and Cozy Toes fuzzy socks guaranteed if registered by November 6th.

You can find more information for the IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL races in the menu above. Scroll down for more details about how you can win great prizes and swag by referring people to sign up with you!

The Kettle Crush is part of Fit & Able's Free-for-All Race Series.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Kettle Krush please email for more information!

We can't wait to see you at the Kettle Krush!

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