Event Description

Bayshore Marathon, Half Marathon, & 10K

Founded in 1983 by local running enthusiasts who wanted to share the  beauty of the Grand Traverse Region and the Old Mission Peninsula, the Bayshore Marathon has become a “must run” for runners throughout the Midwest and beyond. Many runners return year after year to enjoy the scenic courses which run along the shores of beautiful Grand Traverse Bay. Bayshore events feature a 10K, half marathon and full marathon. To ensure a more enjoyable experience, the number of runners in all three races is limited.  Bayshore races are always held on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Course Information

Bayshore is a flat, out and back course that runs along the shores of  Grand Traverse Bay. Throughout the race, you have the crystal blue  waters of Lake Michigan on one side and Traverse City’s famous cherry  trees and orchards on the other. The course begins on the campus of  Northwestern Michigan College. On your return trip you return to the  Start Line, and then step onto a track for the final quarter mile inside  the stadium. The only ‘rise’ on the course falls between the 18 and 19  mile markers. The Half Marathon course starts near the turn around point  of the Marathon course and follows the same route as the marathon back  to the finish line. The 10K course is just like the marathon course  except that it turns around at 3 miles instead of 13 miles.  

The finish line will close at 1:15PM. Anyone finishing after this time  (6 hours for the Marathon) may not receive an official finish time.  Center Road reopens at 1:00 PM. Center Road is at mile 20 1/2 to 22 on  the Marathon return.  

A Top Boston Qualifying Race

The Bayshore Marathon (MI15020SH) is one of the top Boston Marathon qualifying races according to the Boston Athletic Association. Bayshore is known for its flat, fast, and scenic course. The average high temperature is 69 degrees and average low is 45.

Aid Stations

Aid stations are located at the following mile markers (from the  marathon and 10K start): 1, 2, 3.6, 4.6, 6.7, 7.9, 9.5, 10.9, and 12.9.  All aid stations will have water and Gatorade. Aid stations 3.6(return only),  and 10.9.  Aid stations 3.6 and 12.9 will also have oranges.  

The first 75' at each aid station will offer Gatorade (Oranges if applicable), the second zone of approximately 100' will offer water, the  final zone of approximately 75' will offer Gatorade (oranges if  applicable).


Traverse City is a small town so we don’t make any claims to being a  Chicago or Boston in terms of crowds. You can expect great support at  key points along the course, and from citizens offering their own water,  music, etc. 

Friends and family CANNOT ride or run along with you. We need to limit  all possible traffic on the course and ask you to provide your friends  and family with the spectator maps available at registration. With Center Road being closed, spectators should refer to the map above to determine where they will have access to the course. Course marshals are given the authority to disqualify you if they determine if you are associated with a bike, unregistered runner, or car on the course. 

All of the Bayshore races will finish on the Traverse City Central High School track. Only registered runners will be allowed inside the fence around the track. All family members and spectators must meet runners outside of the fence. There will be limited handicapped parking for vehicles with the appropriate hang tag or license plate available off of Milliken Dr. Volunteers will assist you. We do have a handicapped accessible bus available up to Gray Rd. Please let Bayshore know ahead of time if possible if this service is needed.

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