CASA-EP 2023 Superhero Challenge

397 Mid-Atlantic Parkway, Suite 3
Martinsburg, WV 25404


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Event Description

Calling all superheroes of the Eastern Panhandle! Every child yearns for a mighty champion to rise in their defense, a hero who will valiantly fight for their best interests when their world is thrown into turmoil. Fear not, for from October 1st to October 31st, the grand spectacle of CASA-EP's fourth Superhero Challenge shall be unfurled!

Prepare yourselves, dear superheroes, for this monumental feat can be undertaken from any corner of the universe and at any hour that suits your valorous hearts. Whether you soar through the skies, dash with lightning speed, hike through rugged terrain, or pedal with unwavering determination, engage in this heroic endeavor to support the most vulnerable children in the Eastern Panhandle!

Now, brace yourselves for an even greater crusade as we set our sights on a towering goal - 20,000 miles! Embrace the spirit of true superheroes, for with indomitable will and an unwavering sense of justice, we shall conquer this challenge and safeguard the future of the Eastern Panhandle's children! Stand tall, superheroes, for the time has come to soar beyond the ordinary and become beacons of hope for those in need. Onward to victory!

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