Thin Line Challenge (May-June 2024)

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Event Description

Relevant Running is always trying to help keep you motivated and inspired. Our Everyday Heroes spend hours on their feet each day. For example, it's been said, if you average together the miles walked by a Nurse in an 8 hour shift (day & night), it comes out to 80 miles per month! Let's aspire to the commitment of our Nurses and others on the thin line including Police, Firefighters, Dispatch/911, and EMS. Join us throughout May and June 2024 for the Thin Line Challenge. A virtual challenge for runners and walkers of all ages anywhere at any time. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to walk and/or run 160 purposeful/training miles from May 1st until June 30th 2024. But, there is more than just a single medal! Read on for details!

Thin Line Challenge Participants will receive:
The custom Thin Line Challenge Eagle medal with wing feather colors representing Nurses, Police, Firefighters, 911/Dispatch, and EMS. Scroll down for picture of this awesome custom medal. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE 160 MILES, YOU WILL STILL GET YOUR MEDAL. Runners who surpass 160 miles during the 2 month challenge will receive EITHER 1 Thin Line Flag Lapel Pin of their choice for each additional 10 miles beyond 160 miles OR 1 Thin Line Bracelet of their choice for each additional 10 miles beyond 160 miles. There are 5 styles of Thin Line flag lapel pins and Thin Line bracelets to choose from representing the colors of The Thin Line Professions mentioned above. During the 2 month challenge, you will receive an email from the Race Director requesting your lapel pin or bracelet preferences. PLEASE NOTE: Runners are limited to earning a maximum of 5 lapel pins or bracelets for this challenge. Scroll down for pictures of the lapel pins and bracelets.

Tracking is accomplished by uploading to the Challenge runsignup page (from popular apps or manually). You will be able to see your progress tracking bar as well as milestones achieved along the way. You will also be able to follow others that are currently active in the Challenge. Emails with your upload link will be sent at midnight the day the challenge begins (May 1st).

Challenge duration:
You can start/join the Challenge any time after 12:01am Eastern time May 1st 2024. Complete your purposeful/training miles at your own pace throughout the 2 months. The Challenge ends at 11:59pm Eastern time June 30th 2024. 

Leaderboard Status
You will be able to log your distance, time for each run or walk. This will track who is in the lead.

Course Information: It's virtual, so wherever you choose to run or walk!  

Do what you can - when you can -from wherever you are.
Track your progress on our race page and connect with our Facebook group:  (Please note the Facebook group is used for many of our other races and challenges, and it is very active, so join in the fun and motivation)
Complete the challenge distance.
Receive your amazing medal (and lapel pins or bracelets if you surpass 160 miles in the increments stated above).

Medals and lapel pins or bracelets will ship soon after the Challenge completes.


For questions, contact the Race Director at

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