Catch Me if You Can!

PO Box 2424
Billings, MT 59103

Running > 10k, 5k, 8k

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Event Description

This isn't your typical race. Our Club Member winter race series makes every runner competitive, whether you are an elite runner or a back-of-the-packer. 

We'll stagger the race start so that everyone is predicted to finish at the same time. Each runner starts based on their pace, with the fastest runner starting last. Faster runners try to catch up in a mad dash to the finish line. Hang out after the race and enjoy some hot drinks on us.   


Staggered Start

Please check in by 9 a.m. on race day. We'll start runners individually based on an algorithm that predicts pace. The race starts with all runners that have a predicted pace of 15 minutes per mile or greater. If there are no runners slower than 15 minutes per mile, we'll start with the slowest predicted runner. We'll continue to start runners individually, finishing with the fastest predicted runner. Faster runners may have a bit of time to wait until they start. Feel free to warm up, but everyone must be within earshot of the start line at least 5 minutes before your start time.   


How to Score Points

You earn points for each race in the series. The top six finishers in each race score the most points. Participation also earns points, so the more races you run, the better your chance of winning the series! 

Points Awarded for Each Race in the Series

1st place: 10 points 

2nd place: 9 points 

3rd place: 8 points

4th place: 7 points 

5th place: 6 points 

6th place: 5 points

Participation or Volunteering: 4 points 

First Race: 4 points

Special note for the first race:  Runners are only eligible for participation points in their first Catch Me if You Can! race. Because you are racing against your predicted time, everyone needs one timed race in the series for a fair competition at placement points.    


Series Winners

The overall top three point holders at the end of the series win gift certificates to Time Out Sports, where Club Members also get a 15% discount. If runners tie, prizes will be split.

1st place: $100 

2nd place: $75 

3rd place: $50

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