Indianapolis Healthplex Unified Indoor Triathlon

3660 Guion Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46222


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Event Description

Join us for the IHP Unified Indoor Triathlon, a thrilling and inclusive event that celebrates athleticism and camarade!

Taking place on Saturday, April 13, 2024, this in-person event promises an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or a first-timer, this event is perfect for everyone! The IHP Unified Triathlon brings together people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork.

Our Indoor Triathlon Format:

Our indoor triathlon is a challenging athletic event that combines three different endurance sports - swimming, cycling, and running - into one competition. 

Individual and Relay Team Race: Participants start with a set time of 20 minutes in our 4.5 ft deep pool, followed by 20 minutes on a stationary spin bikes, and finally finish with a 20 min run on the indoor track. Modifications will be available and are listed below.

Unified Teams Race: This team consists of at least one person with a physical or cognitive impairment. Team has a modified time of 10 min swim/ 10 min bike/ 10 min swim and is also allowed to switch in different people during each event if one cannot finish 10 min on their own. Only one person at a time unless the other person is a guide. 

This is a great opportunity for athletes of all levels to test their fitness and endurance in a controlled environment. Experience the thrill of a triathlon without having to worry about external factors such as weather conditions. Participants can push themselves to their limits and compete against others in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Raffles and Prizes:

Our event is more than just a race; it's an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting memories. With a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, participants will feel motivated to push their limits and achieve their personal best. The focus here is fun, prizes will be awarded for Overall 1st Place winners for men and women, but all other participants will have the opportunity to win prizes through our finisher raffle that takes place afterwards.

Types of Participation:

Participate as an individual, 3-person relay team, or 3-person unified team consisting of 1-2 participants with a physical or cognitive impairment.

Modifications for those with physical and cognitive impairments:

Pool Swim--Kickboard, Pool Noodle

Spin Bike -- Recumbant Bike or Hand Erg Bike

Track Run-- Personal Wheelchair

Event details and schedule


Where: Indianapolis Healthplex

When: Saturday, April 13th (Arrive 20 minutes before heat time to get checked-in and marked)

Individuals: 8a-10:30a
Teams:  10:30a-1p

Who: Anyone 12-years and older with any fitness level or abilities. Everyone is welcome!

Last Day to Register: April 6th

Races:  Distances will be recorded for each event.

Individual Race and Relay Team Race

20 min Swim in our 25 Yard Lap Pool
20 min Bike with our Keiser Spin Bikes
20 min Run on our 1/8th mile indoor track

Unified Team Race

10 min Swim in our 25 Yard Lap Pool
10 min Bike with our Keiser Spin Bikes
10 min Run on our 1/8th mile indoor track

*Modifications for those with physical or cognitive impairments (Those that qualify for these modifications are described below):

Pool Swim--Kickboard, Pool Noodle, or Life Vest
Spin Bike -- Recumbant Bike or Hand Erg Bike
Track Run-- Personal Wheelchair

Packet Pick-Up: April 6th-April 12th at the front desk

Heats: April 8th- Posted on Facebook Event Page, Emailed to Participants, Included in Packets


Individuals: $45

  • Healthplex Members must sign up at the Healthplex for member pricing
  • If you fit into one of the classifications below, please reach out to Tiffany Krull at: for discounted entry

Relay Team: $60

*UNIFIED Team (Consisting of at least one person that fits into a classification below): $30


First Place Overall for men

First Place Overall for women

Participant raffles: This is an inclusive event that won't be focusing on categorized winners. Instead, there will be a participant raffle at the end for prizes.

Modifications for each Classification

Physically Impaired:

PTWC1 and PTWC2: Impaired wheelchair users.

Athletes will use a recumbent or hand erg with the bike event and a wheelchair on the run segment

*Unified Team: A teammate can guide or switch people during any event

PTS2-5: Amputee

In both bike and run segments, amputee athletes may use prosthesis or other supportive devices;
Unified Team: A teammate can guide or switch people during any of the event
PTVI1-3: (IBSA B1-B3) Includes athletes who are totally blind (no light perception in either eye) to partially sighted.

One guide is mandatory throughout the race. We can provide one or you can choose one of your own.

*Unified Team: A teammate can guide or switch people during any of the event

Intellectual Disability (ID)

Person with certain limitations in cognitive functioning and other skills, including communication and self-care.

This person can have another person to guide them in the individual event

*Unified Team: A teammate can guide or switch people during any of the event


Please email Tiffany Krull with any questions or if you would like to volunteer to help out with this event: with subject “Triathlon”


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