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Whether you're just contemplating taking those first few steps on the trail, looking to conquer your first 50K, or tackle a 50 miler, 100K, or a 100 miler, Trail-A-Palooza has you covered!

Trail-A-Paloooza covers ALL of the aforementioned (and more). Here's the lowdown...

-Trail 101 from 9AM-9:30AM hosted by Sasquatch Racing.

Have you always wanted to explore the trails, but found them intimidating? Maybe the hills frighten you. Perhaps the uneven terrain is daunting. Marathon Matt, the founder of Sasquatch Racing will breakdown his top tips for making the transition from the road to the trail.

-Trail Drills w/Revision Athletics from 9:30AM-10AM.

Running on the trails asks more of the body than running on the road. Different muscle groups are used in different ways. Your core needs to be stable/strong. Revision Athletics will lead you through a brief 'trail preparation' session that will help you prepare for the trails.

-Tackling your first 50K from 10AM-10:30AM hosted by Alex Ho of Revision Athletics.

So, you're comfortable on the trails, but want to tackle your first ultra? There's no one better to help you get there than Alex Ho who recently WON the Marin Ultra Challenge 50K!

-Fifty miles and beyond from 10:30AM-11AM hosted by YiOu Wang.

Rounding out Trail-A-Palooza is 'Fifty miles and beyond' presented by none other than YiOu Wang who recently notched victories at the uber competitive Way Too Cool 50K and the soul-crushingly tough Lake Sonoma 50!

If anyone can give you advice for tackling 50 miles (and more), it's YiOu!

Attend one of the talks or ALL of the talks to get the full Trail-A-Palooza experience.

We'll also snacks, beverages, and raffle prizes from A Runner's Mind, Salomon Running, and Sasquatch Racing!

The first TWENTY to sign up for this event score a FREE HAT from Salomon Running!

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