RICHARDSON Advanced Cycling Skills Clinic

640 Global Lane
Plano, TX 75074


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Bike skills are something that we believe are learned and not inherent. Those of us who entered the world of cycling through triathlon probably learn to ride from our fellow triathletes. In doing so we miss a lot of opportunity to become proficient on our bikes, thus missing out on power and endurance to be faster and less tired.

In my opinion those high speed cornering techniques we want to have are best learned at slower speeds. The skills needed to become comfortable at high speeds are learned through recognizing your balance on the bike as you learn to drive the bike, not just steer. So we spend a lot of time going over drills to challenge our senses so that we are comfortable balancing the bike at almost any angle, speed and maneuver. Therefore, you learn how to be more efficient.

Whether you are new to racing or just want to improve your ability to race or ride in a pack, this class has you covered. in this class we cover drafting, pacing, passing, breakaways and attacks. If time permits, the day ends with a fun game of "Garbage Ball," a fun way to put together all of the skills learned in the Basic class and the Advanced class.


Event details and schedule

The Clinic is held on a public street:  Global Lane (at Shiloh Road).  Public parking is available on the street; you will be directed where to park upon arrival.  Most of the drills will be done on this street, however, we may venture out onto more open streets and parking lots.

Wear what you would wear for a bike ride.  Please be sure and bring water, a water bottle for a bike, helmet, sunscreen, etc.  We will have additional water and snacks available.  


Class begins at 1PM and should be over in 2 hours.

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