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Entry is FREE for Team Spinistry members or with Jersey purchase!

Let's kick off the dog days of summer with some grass roots gravel racing and riding along some really sweet and scenic routes. Staging from historic Harmonie Hall in Shelby, TX. We'll have plenty of shade, air conditioning and cold beverages (in Solo cups) waiting on your return. Marked routes of 40, 70 and 102 miles are what we currently have mapped. We will be going out for some route verification in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those details.

Racing awards are top 3 Male and top 3 female. We will include age categories (tbd) for any race distance which has more than 12 entries.

No SAG vehicles or on course aid stations but we will route through towns and have self serve water tables up to make sure hydration refill is never too far down the road.

We will have fit kits on site for folks to verify jersey/bibs sizing. Jerseys will be ordered post ride and mailed to you everyone at a later date.

(Added after scouting trip) Dawg Dazed 100 Route Notes

First off, this is meant to be a fun, grass roots event. It is free for Team Spinistry members or if you purchase a summer jersey on the registration page. $35 entry the old fashioned way. Please note, this is a SUNDAY (7/15) event. All links will be at the end of this message.

We have a fantastic staging venue at Harmonie Hall in Shelby, TX. Plenty of shade, air conditioning, food and cold "drinks" will be waiting on you at the end. Early, 7:30 am start to stay ahead of the heat.

Staging is about 90 minutes from both Austin and Houston. It is about 2 hours from San Antonio and 3.5 - 4 hours from DFW. We will be camping at Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette which is 20 minutes from Shelby. Nice and affordable facilities including shaded tent/RV sites, cabins with AC and screen shelters. Giddings and Brenham are each about 30 minutes away and have all of the hotels and amenities needed for non campers. Round Top is only 10 minutes away and has lots of B&B options and is an amazing little antiquing/market town for folks who are into that stuff. There is also an RV park there.

Current plan is for 40 mile, 63 mile and 100 mile options. All of the roads have been scouted and I would consider them "all weather" roads which won't turn to mud if it rains. There is a lot (50-60%) of the route under shade and canopy. Most of the unshaded sections are paved or smooth gravel so they will be the faster stretches. The 63 and 40 mile routes will all be marked. 100 milers will be self navigated in the sections which differ from those. We do HIGHLY recommend GPS navigation for all riders. We provide free access to the Ride With GPS navigation app for folks who don't already have a dedicated navigation device.

The area is very pretty and unique so plan to bring a camera. You are never more than a half mile from the next home but it still feels like you are in the middle of nowhere most of the time. No huge climbs but the route is definitely not flat. You won't be bored on this one but it won't tear you to pieces either.

This one has a lot of unique history along the route for those who like old bridges, buildings, churches and cemeteries. There are also some amazing homes and properties along the way, but not the ostentatious type. I do believe this is my first route without a single confederate flag...

All routes will go by the Linderman store in Industry about mile 22. The 40 and 100 mile routes will return to staging at mile 40. There will be a water table on course at mile 48 for 63 milers and mile 68 for the 100 milers. 100 milers will go through Round Top at mile 80. Plan to carry enough fluids to be able to go at least 30 miles between stops in the heat.

We will post more details as we get closer to event day but we wanted to give everyone a good overview of what to expect. We are really looking forward to this weekend ourselves!

Registration page: https://www.bikesignup.com/Race/TX/Shelby/DawgDazed100

Camping: https://www.lcra.org/parks/Pages/oak-thicket-park.aspx

Instagram page with scouting pics: https://www.instagram.com/thespinistry/

Facebook event page (maps will be added soon):https://www.facebook.com/events/438854353208240/

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