PAA June Supported Ride Cloud Burst Summit, Sat June 16, 2018

1418 Descanso Dr
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011


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Around the Cycle and PAA bring you the ACH East Adventure!

Let's continue the tradition of enjoying our San Gabriel mountains with a ride up Angles Crest Highway to Cloud Burst Summit!  This is a wonderful chance to ride up and away from the city streets and into the majestic San Gabriels with fellow PAA Members and guests.  We are planning on having riders of different levels and going only as far as they feel like.  This ride is sponsored by Club Sponsor Around the Cycle.

There are 4 main sectors;  (distance and approximite time ranges)

Sector 1;   Start to Clear Creek (about 10 miles), 50 mins to 1;15. Water SAG

Sector 2;  Clear Creek to Red Box (about 4.5 miles). 26 mins to 40 mins. Water SAG/LUNCH

Sector 3;  Red Box to Newcomb's Ranch (about 12.5 miles) 55 mins to 1;15 Water SAG/Nutritian

Sector 4; Newcomb Ranch's to Coudburst summit (about 6.25 Miles) 45 to 1;10. Water/SAG/Nutritian



Ride Groups and start times

  • 7:00am: Endurance led by Russel Burt 818-926-7713
  • 8am: Fast Endurance riders.  
  • Distance: 69 miles
  • Elevation Gain8,356 ft
  • Difficulty: 9
  • Map: 
  • Route description: Up Hwy 2 to Cloud Burst and back. Anyhing beyond Cloud Burst will be unsupported.

CUT OFF Time: For those that are going all the way To Cloudburst we’ve got you covered all along the way up to the summit through around 12pm.  If you haven’t left Newcomb’s by 11:15. You should just go only partway or 


Head back to Red Box.

SAG Support:  There will be two SAG vehicles that will meet riders at various locations  Clear Creek, Red Box , Chilao Campground, Cloud Burst ) to provide water, bananas  and other goodies. Please note that the SAG vehicle has limited room to transport riders! As a result, riders should carry the tools and supplies necessary prepared to do minor repairs on the road (e.g., changing a flat).   

 Ride Organizer:  Lon Bender 323-854-5803

Ride Leader:  Russell Burt  818-926-7713

SAG Drivers:

  • SAG Lunch Nancy Dang 562-547-2067
  • SAG 1 Anthony Dang 714-504-0712
  • Sag 2 TBD

Lunch Stop:   Red Box start serving at 11:30 - 4hrs from start

More Details to come!

Please Note:

  • All riders should be prepared to do minor repairs on the road (e.g., change a flat)
  • Due to the challenging nature of most club supported rides, groups will invariably form and split up en route depending on riders levels of fitness, training goals, etc. 
  • For your safety, helmet is mandatory on PAA rides. 
  • Inclement weather may result in a change of the route or cancellation of event.
  • Guests are welcome, but should also RSVP (guest ticket), sign a ride waiver, and make a $10 donation at the start of the ride.
  • Ths will be a no-drop ride led by club sponsor Nathan Miller of Matt Construction.

This PAA club ride is brought to you by your PAA club sponsors who will be assisted by the PAA Endurance Team.

Note:  You do not need to print your Eventbrite ticket.


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