Event Description

The only time you can RUN from the cops and not get arrested!!

About the Event

The afternoon of August 9th @ 6 PM registration will open up in the Gold’s Gym parking lot for runners to collect their goody bags and numbers. We will then arrest all runners and have them escorted to the City Hall parking lot where the race will begin @ 7 PM. Once the race has started all runners who are tagged by a police officer will need to get down and do 25 jumping jacks or 10 burpees (your choice). During the race there will be 2 “safe houses” for water breaks where the Jail Breakers can rest and catch their breath. The race will end in the Gold’s Gym parking lot with an after party! 

Each year we partner with our local Police Department and 1/2 of all the proceeds goes back to them to help upgrade and update their equipment! 


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