2018 Single Speed MTB World Championships of All Time!

875 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR 97703

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Back where it all began, the good ol' US of A.  The 2018 edition is taking it back old skool....cut-offs, canti brakes, lycra, suffering, joy, Stevil, sweat, rain, dust, mud, winners, DFL, piss beer, BMX, Cru Jones, coloring contests. 

If you wanna bring a costume?  thats fine, but don't expect an award or a handicap on the length of the course.  You wanna come to drink?  Cool too, but if you F--- with my experience, you will be relegated to depths of hell.

What you're gonna experience in Bend is a good ol' fashioned bike race and festival.  Remember NORBA?  Its gonna be like a NORBA race before the roadies got involved and started doping.  Oh yeah, doping?  There will be plenty of that because the bike race is in OREGON!!! 

Dont know what NORBA is?  look it up on this internet machine, click images and check out the legends.  You will surely toe the race line with some of those bad ass dudes and dudettes here in Bend.   All the legends are gonna be here for this one, and if they aren't....well, then...they just aren't legends (at least in our minds). 

The party starts on Wednesday night, October 17 and will rage on well past the day of the race which will be on October 20th. 


Lodging options: There is plenty of places to stay this time of year in Bend.  Droves of tourists come in the summer and all of the AirBnB's will have a fat stack of cash from the summer and will welcome your cheap asses into their homes for a week in October.  If you need further advice on lodging, make sure to check out Visit Bend's website.  Lastly, and we only recommend this because it could be butt ass cold and wet, is camping.  Bend is surrounded by pristine US Department of Agriculture National Forest and you can camp pretty much anywhere on the outskirts of town.  But we are very adament about this one:  Treat the land as if its your own!  If people fuck up our national forests, we will have no place to ride our bikes.....and thats the damn point of this event and why you are still reading this event page. 

Transportation:  A few key options:

1.  Ride your bike here.  Use a map or your smartphone and don't use Highway 97 or Highway 20 to get here.  There are plenty of great roads that will take you to some of the most breathtaking sunsets and vistas in the whole state of Oregon

2.  Fly:  Load up your private jet with all of your cool buddies and fly in to Bend Municipal Airport.  Its baller but probably not realistic, because you don't have a private jet.    But for those of you who will use a commercial service, the airport you will fly into is Redmond Municipal Airport.   Its a 20 mile bike ride to Bend and we strongly encourage you to simply ride from the airport or take a shuttle.  There will be no need to rent a car while in Bend.  If you fly we have three group rides from the airport to downtown Bend. 

The times are as follows:

Wednesday October 17:  4:00pm

Thursday October 18:  11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm

Friday October 19:  11:00am

Another cheaper option:  Fly to Portland International Airport and bikepack.  Bend Velo and Surly bikes will be organizing a group bikepacking trip from PDX to Bend beginning on Saturday October 13....very limited enrollment and will cost you about $100.00 in logistic fees.  More info on that later.

Bend Particulars:

Number of breweries:  About a hundred (and probably three more opening once you get here in October)

Miles of MTB singletrack:  About 500 (and probably 100 more once you get in here in October)

Number of Bonafide MTB legends who live in Bend:  About 40 (and 3 more once you get here in October)

Weather in October:  Dry, warm, mild, rainy, snowy, cold......lovely.

Rules of the Race:

1.  Dont be a dick

2.  Take care of yourself and your friends

3.  Take care of the land, both private and public

4.  Wear your helmet

5.  Don't drive your car

6.  Don't be a dick.

Payment Options: You have two different options to register....THIS IS IMPORTANT, especially for you cheap asses! 

1.  Simply follow the link on this website and cough over the $106.66 (plus fees) on this fine website we painstakingly built for you.

2.  Go to our Facebook page, down load Wyatt's Artwork, color the thing with your best artistic ability, drop it in an envelope with $100.00 (cash or money order only) and send it to:

SSWC Party c/o Crow's Feet Commons, 875 NW Brooks St., Bend OR 97703.

If you decide to send in cash and a colored drawing, you will be very well rewarded with a UNIQUE, cultural gift that will far exceed the payment of $100.00!!!  Extra bonus points if you send other gifts and cool artwork on the envelope.  Gifts can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and we will make sure you get something back in return!

See you all in October!  For more info, check in on the Facebook page.  We promise to keep updating it as the event draws near.

You won't wanna miss this fun time. 

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