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Walk 3to9 – Bringing the Community Back Together to End Breast Cancer

Fierce, Determined, Committed, Impassioned, Empowered – all adjectives used to describe the Alumni community over the past years. But with the untimely end of the beloved multi-day event, many walkers have been challenged to find new ways to channel their passion and commitment to help end breast cancer.

For those still searching for such a community to embrace, there’s now Walk 3to9, a new 5k/10k/15k (3/6/9 miles) charity walk organized by fellow alumni and walker coaches whose goal it is to unify walkers and survivors for one special event in the fight against breast cancer.

Through the scenic hills of Malibu Creek State Park, 300 walkers and volunteers will come together to raise funding and awareness to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (www.BCRF.org), an organization that funds Breast Cancer research, including Metastatic cancer; supporting research doctors and specialists around the world, many who work at universities within Southern California. BCRF is highly-respected worldwide and receives an A+ on Charity Navigator, the highest rating of all breast cancer organizations.


SPACE IS LIMITED TO 300 PARTICIPANTS so register today to secure your spot for this inaugural event! If you’re thinking of becoming a volunteer for the walk, please email us at contact@walk3to9.org for a list of volunteer opportunities.


We’re looking forward to seeing you on October 28th!


Event details and schedule

For event details, please visit our website, www.walk3to9.org.

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