FirefighterFIT Initial Attack Experience

Willis Jr. High
Chandler, AZ 85225


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Event Description

The Initial Attack Experience is a multi-stage endurance event developed by Hotshots and wildland firefighters that is specifically designed to test every facet of your physical skills, as well as push you to maintain critical thinking and problem solving in those times of exhaustion where intellectual sharpness is at a premium. The event duration is scheduled for 36 hours (there will be times for rest and sleep), but depending on the effectiveness of the teams in completing their objectives, the event may be shorter, or if the teams are ineffective in their efforts, the event may run slightly longer.

Under the supervision of our qualified and experienced staff and advisors, participants will go through the IHC Critical Training process that will be condensed for the Initial Attack Experience. Here the participants will learn and apply through field exercises the 10 Standard Firefighting Orders, the 18 Watch Out Situations, chain of command via ICS (Incident Command Structure), Risk Management Process, Navigation, identification/mitigation of hazards and risks, field medical triage, line construction techniques, and physical fitness training.

In the personal performance aspect, each participant will be graded, scored, and compete against other participants for our Top Performer (Firefighter of the Year) Award. There will be two hard cut offs where those who have trained for the event will pass through. Those who have not trained will have a difficult time.

PLEASE NOTE: Family Day Camp will be provided for those participants who wish to bring family with them, such as kids, spouses, etc. Your family will be camped out at our central base camp (or "ICP" Incident Command Post) while you are participating. Please contact event organizers regarding this free service.

Check our "Gear Plus" Option in registration where, for an additional charge, we will have select items on your gear list waiting for you at Check In. These items will be TSA non-approved items, they will be clearly marked on your gear list, and we will ship them to your home after the event has concluded.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS is simply that, facing the challenge of this event with friends and team. For every two people who use you as a reference when they register, we will give you a free registration to the Initial Attack Experience. Contact us with any questions.

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