Event Description

What in the name of Mercury are Zeal Relays!?

We are so glad you asked.

Zeal Relays is a race carnival which anyone can take part in. It’s like taking a road 5K, throwing it on a 400-meter track and then breaking it into 3 different relays, which you will run with 1 to 3 of your closest (and hopefully fastest) friends/family!

  • No! You don’t need track and field experience.

  • No! You don’t need running spikes (we actually don’t allow them in our events).

  • No! You can't use starting blocks.

  • Yes! You need a baton – but your baton can be almost anything (find out more here)

  • Yes! You should come up with a funny/creative team name (please keep it PG-13) - there is a prize for this as well!

  • Yes! There are prizes for the most original and creative relay team outfits (again, keep it PG-13).

  • Yes! This is a competitive event. There will be winners and losers…but aren’t we all winners for just showing up?

  • Yes! There will be an announcer calling the races.

  • Yes! There will be all male, all female and coed team categories as well as age divisions.

  • Yes! There will be thumping beats.

  • Yes! This is a family friendly event (we have kids’ races, too!)

  • Yes! Our race is just this awesome.

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