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The Run The World Global Challenge is a world-wide celebration of running.  Lifetime runner, Runner's World magazine and My Best Runs founder, Bob Anderson (71) created the event to help further spread the word about the benefits of running.  "Since I started running in 1962 I have been telling people about the sport I love. I am proud to say I have reached a lot of people but the task is never done.  Run The World is my current project.  The feedback on this event from around the world has been very positive," says Bob Anderson.  "This is why we wanted to expand it to reach more people, make it more fun and more challenging."

Already 260 Run The World runners have run and logged 85,876 miles (as of Feb 5, 2019) since July 4th in 56 different countries. In the little country of Palau alone our teams there have already run and logged 5,648 miles.  

"Run The World Challenge is a great motivator," says Bob.  "I was running 20 miles a week before Run The World. I now am averaging 32 miles weekly and I am much better shape because of it.  There are many such stories among the 260 runners who have already participated."  The first team that started July 4 to circle the world (24,901 miles) finished in 36 days 23 hours and 13 minutes (the current world record).  Two other teams starting August 29 and October 29 also completed the goal.

How does it work? Participants run or walk and then log in those miles (k’s) on their My Best Runs account. It can take less than one minute to log your workout. The goal is for the team (now group of teams) to log enough miles (k's) to circle the world. That is 24,901 miles (40,074K).

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Get signed up now and begin entering your training runs. Check out your country runner stats on our world leaderboard. A and Double Road Race production.

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