Inaugural New Day Racing Competitive 1 Mile & 5k Race Series

2601 East Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120


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Event Description

We are excited to bring back competitive racing to Las Vegas! We are officially in the first phase of enacting of our business plan – Race Series events!

It's time for some competition! Register today for the Inaugural New Day Racing Competitive 1 mile & 5k. 

These are NOT "fun runs" - we have a generous, but strict 15 min pace per mile for all registrants of all ages and abilities.  ***Please scroll down to the ->>> for details regarding DQ's in our event. 

6:25 - 1 mile wheelchair start

6:30 - 1 mile start

6:55 - 5k wheelchair start

7:00 - 5k start


DISTANCES – 1 mile and 5k currently. In the cooler months we will be adding a 10k. These distances are not “fun runs”; we will have a strict (but generous) 15 minute per mile pace requirement for all participants based upon the pace clock. * Note: The gun clock and pace clock will be different: The gun clock will begin at the start of the race while the pace clock begins the moment the last runner crosses the start line. * Any runner who has not crossed the Finish Line on or before the time limit based upon the pace clock will be given a DNF (Did Not Finish) and no time will be listed on the race results following that runner’s name.

Accurately measured course - We use a bicycle mounted Jones Counter and the USATF Course Measurement and Certification Procedures (Feel free to read it, it’s involved but interesting USATF Course Certification Procedure ). We will not be certifying all of our courses at this time but the procedures will ensure accuracy for every course, which is paramount to us as runners and as your Race Directors. As we grow and find the courses that our runners like best we will invest our resources with the USATF to certify specific ones.

Aid stations – We will have aid stations stocked with water for 1mile and 5k’s; the 10k aid stations will have electrolyte drinks in addition to water. Start/Finish Line will be stocked as an aid station, with water & electrolyte drinks also. The Start/Finish Line will also have food available for registered race participants.

Finisher medals and event shirts - No finisher medals or shirts will be offered for the Race Series events; this is intended so we can keep the cost to the racers to a minimum.

Awards – We will have an Awards Ceremony for each of the day’s race distances shortly after the completion of final race of the day. We will have special ribbons for the top 3 OV finishers and each 10-year AG winners. We will also have celebratory ribbons for racers who set a new PR at the race, and for runners completing a race distance for their very first time. All awards must be picked up on race day at or after the Awards Ceremony, we will not be mailing ribbons to winning registrants.

Timed results – Our Race Series events will be manually/hand timed by your race staff using a Seiko System Stop Watch model S149. We will have the Official Results posted on our website within 24 hours unless otherwise noted on our social media channels.

Festive & Fun Start and Finish Line – We will have a clear and present finish line, we will have music and planned festivities. One our important goals is to be very interactive with our racers, volunteers, and race observers. Strict and fair observance of USATF and RRCA rules and guidelines - These are two of the most important and recognized bodies in the United States running communities. They are also two very important members of our sport’s governing body. It is our intent to follow the rules and guidelines they have established, the same rules followed by our top athletes and Olympic Team members.

->>> Race Disqualification (DQ) Rules - In order to be compliant with USATF and RRCA, to promote safety, and to help offer a truly competitive atmosphere, violation of any one (or more) of the following will bring about a DQ to any runner:

*No headphones or ear plugs while racing.

*No stopping to take pictures or selfies while racing (of course, pictures are welcomed and encouraged pre and post-race). We have added this is for runner safety.

*Cutting the course or not following the course instructions.

*Purposefully destruction of venue property or race management equipment.

*Poor sportsmanship during the race (pushing, tripping, shoving).

*Banditing the race or wearing another athletes bib number.

*Decision is made by the Race Director and all decisions are final.*



*No refunds

*Transferred alllowed no later than September 4, 2016 with a $15 Administrative Fee.  Please contact Race Staff at our website.

*Deferment of your race registation:  No later than September 4, 2016 and only one deferment allowed per race within 12 months. 

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