The 8 Hours of Sundance

8841 N Alpine Loop Road
Sundance, UT 84604


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Event Description

This year is the 2nd year that we have changed the 12 Hours of Sundance to an 8 hour format.  The 8 Hours of Sundance is a great family freindly event that is an easy drive from the Wasatch Valleys and showcases some the outstanding single track that Sundance has to offer.  The new 8 hour format allows racers to start a little later in the morning, and wrap up a little earlier in the evening, but still get some great single track riding in through out the day!  NEW this year is a High School Racer category! 

Event details and schedule

 8 Hours of Sundance

September 10, 2016

9:00am – 4:30pm

This is the second year that we have changed the 12 Hours of Sundance to the 8 Hours of Sundance. The course will still follow the same loop that we have used for the past seven 12hour races, however we will be changing the teams up to be solo, duo, and triple teams.



Registration will be open on  until wed the 7th of Septat 11:59pm

There will be day of registration, however registration WILL CLOSE at 6:20am PROMPT!

Race numbers can be picked up at the Sundance bike shop on Thursday and Friday from 10am until 6pm. Number plates will be available morning of at the bike shop until 6:20am after which you may pick them up at the start/finish area.

All participants must have a current waiver signed prior to picking up number plates. You can find the waiver and course information on the Sundance mtn bike race page.


Entry Fee

Pre Registration (Open until Sept 7th): 3 Person Teams- $170; 2 Person Teams- $110; Solo- $60

Late Registration (After Sept 7th): 3 Person Teams- $200; 2 Person Teams- $140; Solo- $75

(must call the Sundance Bike Shop 801-223-4121 to register late)

Pre-Registration will be open until Sept 7th. In order to insure a t-shirt you must register by Sept 5th.

Race Catagories

Solo: Male, Female, Single Speed, Masters 40+ (Male/Female)

2 Person Team: Male, Female, Single Speed, Coed, Masters 40+ (Male/Female/Coed)*.

3 Person Team: Male, Female, Coed, Masters 40+ (Male/Female/Coed)**.

*Combined age of riders must be 80 years or greater.

**Combined age of riders must be 120 years or greater.

(Organizer reserves the right to combine categories before the start of the race)


The race will begin and finish in the drain field parking lot at Sundance. The drain field will also house the pit row where racers can set up tents to pit in between laps. The timing station will be located at the exit of the drain field, and all racers heading out on course will be required to check in with the timing crew. Lap times will be up dated on a 60 minute basis. Medals will be awarded to each category.


Parking for racers will be marked off around the perimeter of the drain field, as well as across the top of it. Parking will also be available in the elbow parking lot for spectators. All 8 hour participants must park at the upper parking lots! Please do not take up multiple parking stalls.

Camping We will allow racers to come up the night before and set up an RV or tent in the drain field the night before the event. We will enforce a strict no open fire policy, and also ask that racers park in designated areas and do not remove any course markings.



You must wear a helmet at all times when you are on the course. Anyone not wearing a helmet will be disqualified.

Help on your lap:

Help on your lap may only be by other registered racers and they can only be on foot or on a bike. They must also be going in the direction that the race is being run. You cannot short cut the course. Help maybe provided by any racer on any team to any racer on any team.

Food & Water:

You may take food and water from anyone, anywhere on the course as long as you do not impede any other racers.

Right of way:

If you are pushing your bike you must give right of way to racers riding their bikes. Racers who are pushing or carrying their bikes can overtake a racer riding their bike as long as they do not interfere with the racer riding their bike. Also, emergency medical crews will have the right of way on course in event of an injury. Please yield the trail to them and walk your bike around them and then continue on. You may never physically or otherwise keep a faster racer from passing you.

Cutting Course:

Any racer cutting the course will be disqualified along with their entire team.


Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in disqualification. The race director will make the final decision as to what is unsportsmanlike and the decision cannot be protested.

Protests & Rulings:

All protests must be written and submitted to the director prior to the end of the race. The race director has the final say, period.

Transition area:

The transition from one rider to the next or from one consecutive lap to the next will always be done at the transition area located just beyond the start/finish line. After crossing the start/finish line you are free to either continue on another lap or switch to the next rider within the transition zone. The finish time of each lap becomes the starting time of the next lap. The time keeper will not identify which rider on the team completes each lap. Instead, it is the team's responsibility to keep up with the team member's name that did each lap.

Start/Finish line:

Only riders who are currently competing on course are allowed to cross the finish line. Any rider who crosses the start/finish line and is not coming off of a current lap will incur a 10 minute time penalty. All team members that are getting ready to switch riders should stage just beyond the start/finish line within the designated transition area.

Lap Times:

Event Location & Accomodations

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