Zombie Run 2016

Corner of Pear Str. & Walnut Str.
Corning, CA 96021


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Event Description

Anyone can run 2 miles, but it all changes when you are running for your life from ruthless, merciless zombies through zombie infested alleys, over small obstacles and around blind corners.  (You may go around obstacles if chosen)

Here is what you need to know:


• Event check in is in the middle of Woodson Park located at Pear Str. And Walnut Street in Corning, This is where the Start and Finish line is as well.

• Entry fee includes one participant t-shirt, runners bib (T-shirt only guaranteed for those who sign up by Oct. 23rd midnight, otherwise there will be limited supply at the event).

• Each runner will also receive a belt with three flags to run. These flags are your “Life Lines”that monitor your health. You will start with three flags, your goal is to make it to the finish line without a chaser zombie taking them from you with at least one left, otherwise you are then among the WALKING DEAD! Each Life Line (flag) gives you one entry to win the drawings. (distractor zombies can not touch you or grab flag - but you never know which one is the chaser zombie ) (Children and elderly will be treated with kindness)

• There will be waves starting at 9:30am and following every 3 minutes to allow for a smoother start for everyone. Pick up your runner bib at check in where your wave time will be written on the bottom. You may run the event anytime between 9:30am & 12:30pm.  Event ends at 1pm.

• You must sign the Liability Wavier to participate. This will also be available at check in for those who are registering after 10/23/2016 midnight.

Registration Fees:

Cash only at event please
Aug 10 - Oct 23  

Adult  10+  $25 ~ Online, in person OR by Mail
Oct 24 /walk up -  $30

Child 10 years & under   $15  ~ Online, in person OR by Mail

Oct 24 /walk up -  $20

2 years & under                 FREE (strollers welcome)


Stay on the flagged course. (Route is well marked)

Follow all directions from the course marshals.

Do not intentionally harm or touch any other participant or Zombie.

Please finish the course even if you have no “life lines” remaining on your belt. You will be glad that you did!

Keep in mind at all times that this is a fundraising event. Help your fellow runners if they fall or need a hand.


First and foremost, always have a good time!

Please think safety when navigating our course. Much care has been taken to make this race as safe as possible, however only you can make the determination concerning your physical ability to attempt an obstacle. You are free to skip any obstacle and continue the run if need be.

 Please, for accountability reasons, FINISH THE RUN even if all your flags have been taken. - Not all zombies can take flags so chances are good.

Do not swat, punch, kick, or intentionally make contact with any zombie or anyone else for that matter. We have police officers monitoring the entire course. You will be asked to leave the race immediately.

Always have your "Runner" bib displayed on the front of your body. If you do not have a bib, you will be stopped and asked to put it on or leave the run course.

Flags are to be attached to the belt at all times. Understand that you may experience (minor) physical contact, so watch where you put them! At no time are flags to be carried in the hands.

 Do not pick up any flag off of the ground. If you are caught, your bib will be removed. Remember, we have “eyes” and security EVERYWHERE!

ZOMBIE RULES: (Corning High School Athletes)

First and foremost, always have a good time!

You are only allowed to move forward dragging one foot and always stay in character.

We have taken great care to make this course as safe as possible. Your role in the run is to create a distraction for runners only. If you act inappropriately or aggressively, you will be removed from the course.

Only chaser zombies will be authorized to grab flags. Once you are designated as a distraction zombie, you will be that for the entire event.


Event details and schedule

 Registration booth is in the middle of the park where you will turn in your printed registration form and receive your runners bib and T-Shirt.

Course will run in neighborhoods around Woodson Park in alley's and streets and are clearly marked, there will be a water station half way and a "safe zone" from zombies.

You will run 1 mile -a mark will be placed on your runners bib and you will repeat the course running 2 miles. (This allows a break in the park if needed)

You may run the event anytime between

9:30am and 12:30pm

Event ends at 1pm.


Event Location & Accomodations

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