Tiger Challenge 50 Mile Hike

W Kearney St, Springfield MO, 65803
Springfield, MO 65803


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Event Description

This event is our annual 50 mile hike for the Ozark JROTC Tiger Batallion. This year we are opening it up to the general public. We will hike the flat frisco trail down, back, down, and back again. You can quit at any time if you wish, but only the best will be able to complete all 50 miles. There is a 20 hour time limit. Push your body and good luck!

Event details and schedule

Date: 3-4 April 2020
Timeline: Check in at 6:30pm; begin hiking at 7pm (3 Apr) // Hike concludes no later than 3pm (4 Apr)
Objective: Walk 50 miles in 20 hours
Entry fee: $50 per participant (includes access to aid stations and commemorative T-shirt) [We will attempt to host this
event regardless of inclement weather. If weather conditions ultimately preclude our doing so, we will NOT
be able to provide refunds.]

Deadline: Registration must be received by 13 March 2020
Location: Start Point is the Walnut Grove Trailhead (Intersection of N. Farm Rd. 51 and E. Main St., Walnut Grove;

approximate address: 820 E Main St, Walnut Grove, MO 65770)

Parking: Limited parking is available at the trailhead; more parking is available at Walnut Grove High School, just over

½ mile away (300 E College St, Walnut Grove, MO 65770)

Route: Frisco Highline Trail (https://ozarkgreenways.org/explore/greenway-trails/frisco-highline-trail/) between
miles 3.5 (Willard) and 28.5 (between Wishart and Bolivar). Participants will start in Walnut Grove at mile
16, head south 12.5 miles, then return to the start point, continue north an additional 12.5 miles, then
return to the start point.

Aid stations: Aid stations will be established approximately every 4 miles along the trail. They will provide food, drink,
restroom facilities, and minor first aid. They can also summon a recovery driver if you need to discontinue
the hike.

Pace: Participants should plan to maintain a pace of at least 3 miles per hour. This pace will allow participants to
stop for an average of 15 minutes at each of the 12 aid stations. [Participants who desire to run the route
may find themselves arriving at checkpoints before aid stations have been set up there. Aid stations will be
set up and recovered based on a walking pace.]

Weather: Average daytime temperature for this time of year is 63⁰. Average overnight low is 40⁰.
Light: Sunset is at 7:38pm. Civil twilight ends at 8:04pm. The moon will be up well before the sun goes down and
will be illuminated (cloud cover permitting) at 78%. The moon will set at 5:02am. Sunrise is at 6:53am. Civil
twilight will begin at 6:27am. So moon illumination will be pretty good most of the night, but ambient light
will reduce substantially toward moonset and there will be substantial darkness between moonset and
General guidance:
1. Clothing: Participants should wear loose, comfortable moisture-wicking clothing, including socks. All participants
should bring an appropriate hat to shield them from the sun. Participants ought to wear comfortable walking and
running shoes. You might also care to bring an extra pair of shoes and socks, leaving them at the start point to
change into after your first 25 miles.
2. Hydration: Participants should drink regularly while hiking, even when not thirsty. Plan on approximately 1 quart
per hour. Participants should hydrate heavily the day prior to the hike and are invited to carry a hydration bladder
during the hike.
3. Sunscreen: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen as sun conditions and your skin sensitivity dictate.

Waiver is attached.

Event Location & Accomodations

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