SERE Endurance Challenge

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Event Description

What is a Virtual Race? 
It’s a race that you do on your own but compete against others all over the world. This race will allow you to challenge yourself; get an official race t-shirt, finisher’s medal and finishers time. Run around your neighborhood, pick your favorite trail or tackle the distance on a treadmill. Participating in a Kaniksu Ultras event has never been easier.

Why a virtual race and not the real event? 
It appears that the State of WA will continue to extend the Stay-at-Home orders as well as CDC guidelines for sporting events for the near future. With this said, we won’t be able to obtain permits for the event in its current format. We feel that the experience and camaraderie of a Kaniksu Ultras event is unparalleled.  The goal of this virtual event will offer that same experience, virtually, but with the ultimate intent of raising money for an outstanding cause.

For many years, the SERE community has not had a proper location to memorialize the SERE Specialists that have passed away in the line of duty. This new memorial is to be placed at the schoolhouse at Fairchild, AFB, WA and will be a very unique tribute for their sacrifice. This virtual run will be the very first fundraiser to take place for that cause and we’re honored to host an event to support the cause. All proceeds from the event, as well as any personal tax-deductible contributions, will go to the funding of the new SERE memorial.  

Pick Your Distance
All distances will be completed on foot but can be completed over the allotted 4-week time frame (exception SERE Mile and Late Arrival challenges).

  • 18-miler
  • 32-miler
  • 50-miler
  • 100-miler

Additionally, there are three more special SERE Challenges that you can do over the course of the time period.

  • The SERE Mile Challenge: In any of the 4-weeks, you must complete 100-miles in 96-hours or less.
  • The Late Arrival Challenge: Inspired by those individuals who walked back to their bases after being isolated in the Second World War. This is the ultimate SERE challenge. Each week you, must complete one of the designated distances. As an example: week one you might complete the 32-mile distance; and in week two, you complete 50 miles; and in the third week you complete 18 miles. In the final week, you complete the SERE Mile Challenge (100-miles in 96 hours or less). Yep, you got that right...that’s 200 miles total. This isn’t about how fast you do it but rather about getting it done.
  • Ruck Relays: All distances can be rucked SOLO but we have reserved the 50M and the SERE Mile Challenge to be our ruck relay events. If you are a team, you can choose to compete as a ruck relay team for 50 miles or the complete the SERE Mile challenge in relay mode.

What do I get with my registration?
Pricing for all distances includes t-shirt, finisher’s medal and domestic shipping costs. International shipping costs will be assessed on a case by case basis and will be extra. Please remember this is a fundraiser and your money is going to an awesome cause!

Your Race, Your Pace
Run your race fast or run it slow. You can walk, ruck, jog or even burpee for distance (ouch, you won’t).  Breaking up the distance over the allotted 4-weeks is permissible. Do your best and send us your results when finished. Judging of peers is admissible and encouraged.

The “SERE Mile” is a 100-mile distance that must be completed in a 96-hour continuous time frame (applies to solo participants and “team ruck relay”). What makes this event so special is the concept of “bugging out”. Most “bug-out” plans consist of some kind of 96-hour movement plan. For this distance, you will be moving for 100 miles and have 96-hours to “bug-out”. Do you have what it takes to “bug-out” for 100 miles in 96 hours? Some say they can but most will fail. 100 mile finishers will receive exclusive swag for the ultimate accomplishment.

Ruck Race
Any distance can be completed with a ruck (35lb for male, 25lb female). “Team Ruck Relay’s” will only be for the 50 mile or the SERE Mile (100 mile) distances. Teams will consist of 2-5 personnel. The 100-mile distance has a 96-hour time limit. Team members don’t have to be in the same city, state, or country to participate. Teams are allowed to divvy out the distances how they see fit. Teams must coordinate the passing of the baton (virtually or physically). Get creative in proving the baton was passed, broadcast the pass on Facebook or Instagram or take pictures. 

Top three in each distance will receive something real fancy. Creativity will be used in order to raise the most amount of money for the SERE Memorial. Awards may include but are not limited to; painted rocks, scrap pieces of wood, can of corn, package of Oreo’s from Ricky’s personal stash (probably not going to happen), and stuffed animals or sticks of pitch wood.

How to reach us for any questions. 
The SERE Endurance Challenge has the potential to grow quickly. While we have thoroughly thought through the details of each event and tracking the timing, we know there are going to be issues/challenges along the way. Please be patient and feel free to email us at: with any of your questions. 

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