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Event Description

Presented by Golden, CO Based On Path Events. Currently welcoming all partners, sponsors, and friends of the CO running community, just reach out below!

5/11 - Rules have been posted  Join the Facebook group to be a part of the discussion. 


This summer, run some of the finest routes in Colorado with competitions, challenges, and other stuff along the way.  You can compete for distance, go "VERTual", or both! This challenge consists of:



  • June 15th - Colorado Trail Competition Starts (Individual and 2- /4- Person Team) - 5.4 miles / day solo
    • 486 miles, 89k feet west to east
  • July 15th - Front Range Competition Starts (Individual and 2- /4- Person Team) - 4.4 miles / day solo
    • Course runs from Laramie WY to the Royal Gorge Bridge west of Cañon City,
    • Stopping through several towns and by the finish line of the BolderBoulder 10k.
    • 272 Miles, 12.5k feet
  • August 15th-ish Nolan's 14 2-week Challenge
    • 2 week challenge to run the 100 miles and 44k feet vert of the famous challenge
    • Covering the 14 closest 14ers in the Sawatch Range
  • September 15th - Cutoff, probably...
  • Along the way there will be many smaller challenges throughout to keep it fresh and let people jump in.. think "Loveland Pass", "Pike's Peak Hill Climb", "Long's Peak Duathlon", "CT Collegiate Range Split",  etc.  



The challenge goes for 3 months for the long course, allowing for 5.3 miles a day, and 2 months on the short course (4.4 miles/day).   You can run any combination of events, and log miles every day if you want - your miles will be totaled starting with the appropriate start date, distance,  and category (individual or team) you submit in.    And if for some reason you want to register for multiple events, each additional event is $10 off.   If all of these are too crazy, well.. there'll be some quick challenge "virtual races" along the way. 

Each segment will be accompanied by leaderboards and live tracking maps for individuals and teams.. as well as other goodies that probably haven't even been thought up yet.     And in true mountain style, there will be some surprises and challenges that come up - things will go wrong, things will go right.... but as always it'll be entertaining.

In each distance there will be Pro and Open categories .  Pros will have a prize kitty you pay into and are held to more stringent rules (finish distance and vert, etc), Open categories work at your own pace if you just want to do distance, or also go VERTual, and you'll get random prizes from both the top finishers and true random drawings.    Bottom line - have fun, be ridiculous, we're all in it together.

Teams may get awards to go longer - sub-milestones and 'badges' will be given out for many distances and challenges not listed!



Every effort will be made to make cool stuff from local CO businesses vs out-of-state. We are looking at:

  • one custom bandana/'buff' for all distances.
  • one special piece for each distance (looking at a few options for locally made etched/carved material).  It's very possible pieces will be batched, created throughout the next couple months, taken from different sources, etc.
  • and some random giveaways along with the door prizes from local partners (the more people register, the more of them we'll give out. Beer mugs and tokens, gift certificates to running stores, you know the drill).



  10% of your base reg fee goes to Food Bank of the Rockies, less $1 to the cause(s) for each distance:

  1. Colorado Trail Foundation ($TBD portion from each Colorado Trail Long Course reg fees)
  2. Front Range Open Space Non-Profits ($TBD portion from each Front Range Short Course)
  3. Colorado 14ers Initiative ($TBD portion  from Nolan's, cuz 14ers!)

You can and we encourage you to donate to the fundraiser as well! We hope to give $14,439 (the height in feet of Mt. Elbert, the highest point in Colorado). 

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