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How about some sweet Southern DISCOMFORT to liven up your summer?  

Is anyone else restless to get back to racing and spend the weekend doing a stinky, "what happens in the van stays in the van" relay?  Me, too!   It's time to create some awesomesauce adventures with your friends!   Before you read on, go get two thumbs of your nearest alcoholic beverage - or Gatorade is fine, too - and come back to find out more.  I'll be here waiting with a shot of Fireball when you're ready!

Join us the weekend of August 28th - 29th for a 48 hour virtual relay with distances starting at 50 miles up to 200 miles!  Go find some cray cray friends and make your virtual team!  There is no limit on how many or few people are on your team.  The only SOLO  that should be in this relay is a SOLO RED CUP!  I know you CAN do it alone, but WHY?  

This is a  LIVE virtual relay, meaning the relay will start at 9am PST on Friday, August 28th.  We want as many people to do the relay that weekend, but we get it, life gets in the way of our absurdities sometimes.  If you are signed up for the 50 or 100 mile relay, you can start on Saturday if you don't think you'll need as much time.  We understand that this weekend won't work for everyone, so we will allow results to be posted through September 14th.  To be eligible to win prize money as a competetive team, you must submit your team results by Monday, August 31st. Yes! There is a COMPETITIVE DIVISION!  Our longtime sponsor, LONGSHOT LAW, INC. has stacked the pot with $1,000 to be awarded  to teams.  Check out the TEAM INFORMATION page for more information. 

If you are the person who creates a team, YOU are the team captain, aka THE BARTENDER.  You will have access to a team page where you can invite team members and also add other BARTENDERS if you want to share the captain experience and duties.

During the event, we will be sending out surprise challenges at SET TIMES, along with TEAM CHALLENGES announced before the event (we won't ask you to run naked, promise!). 

Ok, take a sip and I'll tell you how this works.  

First, go find friends and then decide how many miles you knuckleheads can run in 48 hours split between each of you.  So lets say you have 5 friends and 50 miles sounds like the sweet spot.  The super easy (no math judgment here!) calculation is 5 friends do 10 total miles each during the weekend.  But what if one nutjob wants to run MORE miles total and another redneck on the team asked someone to hold their beer just before the weekend and fell off the roof and can only do 3 miles?!?  Give your die hard runner the extra miles.  The relay miles can be divided up ANY WAY YOU WANT!  The simplest is in either 5 or 10 mile segments because runners get run-dumb after a few hours of running, eating energy shots and not sleeping.  

Did I mention team members are not running at the same time???  OKAY, I know it's been awhile, but lemme give you a refresher.  In a relay, one runner will start and do their mileage, whatever was decided ahead of time.  When they finish, they slap a bracelet on the next runner and they do their running segment.  This goes on until each runner does their first "round" of mileage.  Once all the runners have done their first 5 miles, or whatever was decided, the first runner who started it off in the beginning goes again!  One of the real challenges of relaying is not knowing precisely when your leg will start.  It's the anticipation of waiting for the runner before you to tag you.  Do you roll the dice and eat the burrito like a boss even though you could get tagged to start your leg any minute?

But there's no bracelet! And what if we're still social distancing?  Here's what we're doing.  After the first runner is done with their first 5 miles (or whatever was decided by the team), that person TAGS the next runner/walker through social media.  You will also get a link for a Strava Club as well as the hashtags #whiskeyrelay and #whiskeygulchcoffeepub  ( we have to make sure Whiskey Gulch's owners, Chuck and Cassie, get dinged all weekend!) to use in your social posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Your next runner cannot start their run until tagged.  

Your time starts when the first runner starts their watch and finishes when the last runner is finished and your team miles are done! Someone fell asleep?  Yup, that's in your time!    We're trying to recreate the relay experience for you minus the smelly van and bad singing.

If you live in a State and/or region that is OPEN or has less restrictive social distancing restrictions, I encourage you to get in the van and have a RUNdonculous weekend together and that you share tons of pictures!  

More information about race weekend is here:  Wait, what are we doing that weekend?

Check out our FAQ section here:  Teacher! I have a question!

This weekend is going to be LEGEND - wait for it - DARY!  Yeah, I said it!

SAFETY FIRST!  Please be mindful of your surroundings, follow all rules of the road, follow all local social distancing guidelines and just be smart! Being a runner/walker, I already assumed y'all are brilliant!  

NIGHTTIME RUNNING/WALKING:  If your relay legs puts you outside when it's dark o'clock, please take all precautions with headlamps, night gear, high visibility gear, keep your cell phone on you, etc.  Ideally you will have a running/walking/biking partner so you're not alone.  Treadmills are acceptable in this relay, no matter day or night.  Just be safe!!  


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