PARCA Remarkable Challenge

Anywhere, CA 11111


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Dare to get out of your comfort zone and see where you can go!


Pacific to Atlantic (U.S.) – Start from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and experience the majestic scenery across America to your final destination, the Empire State Building near the harbor’s edge (2,114 miles).

The Heights of Europe – Begin from the tallest structure in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and cycle the stunning passage through France and the Swiss Alps, all the way to the towering Matterhorn on the doorstep of Italy (450 miles).


The Iditarod Trail (Alaska) – Embrace the remote adventure of a legendary course through the nation’s most unspoiled land from Anchorage to Nome, going along the Bering Sea, tackling tundra and traversing jaw-dropping vistas (1,000 miles).

The Ultimate Garden Route (South Africa) – Span the south west tip of South Africa to experience remarkable coastal vistas, lush greenery of the indigenous forests, spectacular beaches and jagged cliffs that are only found in movies! (186 miles).


The Straight of Florida – Start in Havana and brace for an epic swim through this long channel on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean to Key West beach in Florida. Enjoy the beautiful coral reefs but watch out for sharks and jellyfish stings! (100 miles)

The English Channel – Find your zen as you prepare to take on this famous swim that takes you from Shakespeare’s Cliff in the U.K. to the quaint but beautiful Cap Gris Nez in northern France, which is filled with interesting plants and migrating birds. (21 miles)


Set your personal record for pushups, doing yoga, walking around your neighborhood or paddle boarding. Or maybe you set a goal to learn a new skill or sport or game. The more you work at it, the more miles you earn, and you’ll have all of team PARCA to cheer you on.

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