Hubert Celebrates Honey Bees

North Port, FL 34288


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Event Description

Honey bees work hard all year long, and September is the month to celebrate them! 

During the month of September, you get to customize your medal with up to 6 different honey comb tokens. 
Stay active all month long by running or walking up to 6 distances to fill in your honey comb.
You can do all of the same distance or mix it up!

Distances you can complete for honey comb tokens:
• 1 Mile
• 5K
• 10K
• 13.1 Miles
• 26.2 Miles
• 50K
• 100K

Hubert has a special place in his heart for honey bees--- they dance, are endurance athletes, and make delicious honey. Because bees can't see the color red, Hubert puts on his fabulous purple hair when he visits their hives for honey bee hugs.

Stay fit and celebrate all the different distances honey bees fly we fly into Fall 2020!


I don't run unless a serial killer clown is after me. Can I walk these distances instead?
Absolutely! I know people who walk faster than I run! Walk with your dog, walk around the local park, or walk back and forth in your kitchen--- it's all good!

I don't have a GPS watch or anything like that. Do you need proof?
No GPS watch needed. Just keep track of your time- you will need to record it along with your distance traveled. This is on the honor system.

Do I have to run all 6 distances to get my medal?
As soon as you complete and record your first distance, your medal will ship with your first honey comb token. You can stop and not do anymore distances, or you can continue completing distances the rest of the month to get your remaining honey comb tokens. The idea is to encourage you to stay active all month, but if you only manage to do one distance because the world is a mess, that is totally cool too!

I don't run long distance- can I just run the 1 mile (6) different times?
Of course! Everyone is in a different place right now, and if you feel like challenging yourself to do the 1 mile distance (6) times, then you do it! You will get (6) 1-mile tokens and you be your awesome self!!

If I run the 100K, doesn’t that cover all the distances?
The idea is to stay fit ALL SEPTEMBER LONG, so you should run the different distances separately and enter them separately. Bees travel different distances all day long! You should try to do that all month long and keep your fitness going into fall (the time of year with THE BEST FOOD).

Does the 100K need to be completed in one day?
The 100K should be completed within one 24-hour period. Same goes for all the other distances- each one should be completed in a 24-hour period. NO, you do not need to do all the distances in THE SAME 24-hour period….

Can I do more than one distance in a 24-hour period?
Yes! You can do as many as you want in a day. Want to bang out (6) 1-mile distances and fill up your honey comb right away- do it! Have a long run planned and want to bang out the 1-mile, the 5K and the 10K in one day? Do it!  BUT!!! Keep track of the individual times as you will need to enter those into the website 😊

Do you put the honey comb tokens in the medal for me?
Nope--- this a medal you get to customize (partly) yourself! Like a little DIY project to keep you entertained and motivated!
As you complete distances and record them, I will mail out your tokens. When they arrive, you pop them into whichever honey comb you want with a dab of glue. Just about any glue will work and TA-DA! Your very own medal!

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