Not En Mass(e) - Chasing State Records 8K

Lawrence levee, by the boat ramp at 8th & Oak
Lawrence, KS 66044

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Event Description

You've been training and getting fit during the COVID19 pandemic.
This event is offered to those who want to test their speed and for some a chance to make the State Honor Roll recognizing the fastest runners in Kansas. See the Target Times below if you're shooting for a place on the Honor Roll. 

Not En Masse

You will need to predict your finish time and we will have a chase start, fastest going first which should keep passing among runners to a minimum.  We want to maintain a safe environment with social distancing. Participants will be required to wear masks at the start, and the race will be limited to 45 runners.  Register early to claim your spot. 
When we reach the 45 people limit, the on-line registration will shut down.  There will be no waiting list.

Pre-registrations only, no day of race signups.


Sept 25: Last day to postmark any mailed-in entries.  (or no mail -in entries)
Oct 1: Last day to sign up on-line, unless race fills up before then.
Oct 2: ~ 3 pm. We will post your start time before packet pickup.
Oct 3: Packet Pickup at Ad Astra Running, 734 Mass., Lawrence, KS, 1 pm - 4 pm
Oct 4, Race day Packet Pickup: 7 am - 7:30 am - boat ramp south of 8th & Oak, north Lawrence
Oct 4: First start 8 am, on the Lawrence levee

Event details

  • Because we will start runners every 30 seconds, you need to report to the starting line ahead of time, line up by bib number order.
  • Behind the starting line will be numbered spots 10 ft apart.  At 7:45, line up in order; 1 ahead of 2 ahead of 3, etc.  
  • A display clock will be visible to see the start time.
  • Don't be late; we want to maintain gaps between runners.
    If you are late a few seconds, you may go, but we will not change your start time. 
    If you are more than 15 seconds late, we will hold you for the next gap between runners and we will not change your start time. The delay could be be up to several minutes.
  • You will be assigned bib numbers. Number 1 goes off first, then #2, etc.  Faster runners go first to reduce the chance of runners getting passed.
  • Wear your mask to the start and your number on the front.  Repeat: wear your number on the front. We will delay the start if every bib number isn't properly displayed.
  • Once you start, you may remove your mask, but you will have to carry it with you.
  • Keep to the right side at all times except to pass,  It is an out and back course.
  • We will be using Seiko timers and volunteers will record your bib number as you finish. The race is not chip timed and we must see your number coming in.  There are no tear tags, so your finish time will be recorded visually and written down.  If we can't read your number, we can't record your finish.
  • Once you finish your race, get off the levee.  Put your mask back on and practice 6 ft of social distancing. 
  • The levee is open to other people and we will post signs to ask they keep to the right on the levee.  Kindly warning them when you are about to pass.  You go around the walkers.  Any bicyclist should go around you; keep to the right.
  • No water stations, you carry your own water.
  • In case of threatening weather, the race will be canceled. 
  • No refunds.  Any income from the event will go towards our funds to help local youth running programs.
  • Course: USATF certified 8K.  An out and back course; crushed rock surface.
  • No warmup running on the course after 7:45.
  • This event is not for walkers due to the limited time.

Target Times

Want to make the state Honor Roll, the list of the best 8K times in Kansas?  Try to beat the target times.
For some of us the target times are beyond reach.  You're still invited to enter and push yourself to achieve your new personal best.

Women       Age
40:30       12 & under
36:00       13-15 
33:00       16-19
30:30       20-34
33:30       35-39
36:00       40-44  
38:00       45-49
40:30       50-54
45:00       55-59
48:30       60-64 
53:00       65-69
none        70-74 
none        75-79 
none        80+ 

Men         Age              
36:45       12 & under   
31:00       13-15            
28:00       16-19            
25:00       20-34           
26:50       35-39           
28:45       40-44           
30:15       45-49           
31:45       50-54          
33:30       55-59           
35:50       60-64           
41:00       65-69           
46:30       70-74           
none        75-79          
none        80+  

To see all state records, go to  Kansas Road Race Records.

Predicting Your 8K time

You need to predict your 8K time. If you haven't run an 8K recently, look up your best 5K and multiply the time by 1.6 or your 10K by 0.8 to get a rough 8K time.   The goal is to minimize runners passing each other, but the event is called a Chase, so there is motivation; some of you will try to catch the runner in front of you.


You'll get an an award for making the State Records Honor Roll.  They may be picked up at the Ad Astra Running Store, Oct 5-10.  Contact us, if you can't get to the store.

Other Info

Souvenir masks will be provided with your bib number in your packets.

The course is USATF certified.  Keep to the right as much as possible.  The course is open to the public so they too should be staying to the right.  When passing, say "on your left".

We will cancel the event in case of threatening weather.  No refunds.

Contact us

Gene Wee,, 785-841-3587

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