Combating Homelessness in LA Mile by Mile 2020

Los Angeles, CA 90017


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Event Description

Get on your feet to help others get back on theirs!

Why you should participate: 

The homelessness crisis has gripped Los Angeles and affects all of us. BOMA/GLA recognizes that combating this issue is a priority for our members. We also understand that knowing how to help or what to do is difficult to grasp when a social crisis is of this magnitude.

With that in mind, BOMA/GLA teamed up with an organization we believed could make the biggest impact in helping to solve this crisis: The People Concern.

Together we created, BOMA Cares "Hands Together", an initiative for our organization to ban together and collectively work towards combating this ever-growing issue through food and clothing drives, community events to assemble or serve lunches, prepare hygiene kits, and finally, fundraising towards the fight to end homelessness.

But our plans to make a difference were stopped in their tracks in March 2020.  As the world was thrown into a new challenge with the pandemic, our friends at The People Concern have continued to serve the over 66,000 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. Through strict sanitation and social distancing practices they have been able to keep all of their facilities open and operating, including their public showers and laundry services in both Santa Monica and on Skid Row.

They took on the challenge of operating 2 Project Roomkey sites, partnering with hotel owners and the county to place unhoused people at high risk of COVID-19 into unoccupied hotel rooms so they could effectively isolate like the rest of us. This was a win for the hotels who had lost business to the pandemic, but found a way to help people in need and recover some of their lost income at the same time but The People Concern and the people they serve are severely in need now.
 As the needs continue to be so great we looked for ways that we could do our part to participate in the combat and are happy to announce the 2020 Run/Walk/Bike Challenge "Combatting Homelessness Mile by Mile", a virtual experience that makes a difference, starting November 1st, 2020.  All registration fees and optional donations go directly to The People Concern to continue their efforts.

The LA County Coast 70-Mile Challenge
featuring the Marina Del Rey Halfway (35-mile challenge)

One months to complete!

Experience Los Angeles on an epic beach-by-beach expedition from El Pescador State Beach to Long Beach.  Along the way, you will earn milestone badges for each major landmark along the County Coast.  Make no mistake, this virtual challenge will test you! But don't fret, as we will motivate you along the way! 

You Got This!

This is a month long challenge - You can set your goal to move as few as 8.75 miles per week (1.25 miles per day) for the Marina Del Rey Halfway, as few as 17.5 miles per week (2.5 miles per day) for the full route to Long Beach, or as few as 35 miles per week (5 miles per day) for the round trip along the LA County Coast - or challenge yourself to cover as many as you can - be sure to pace yourself! We will help you total up your distance and track your progress with our online progress tracking platform.

These challenges are simple:

  1. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, from wherever you are (run, walk, bike as few as 8.75 miles per week)!
  2. Track your progress on our race page
  3. Connect on our facebook group to share your progress and motivate others!

We Will Make An Impact!

All donations will support The People Concern, one of Los Angeles’ oldest and largest social service organizations supporting people experiencing homelessness and survivors of domestic violence. With interim and permanent supportive housing sites across LA County, their model of housing plus supportive services has led to 92% of the people housed never falling into homelessness again. The People Concern is thrilled to partner with BOMA GLA to end homelessness in Los Angeles. To learn more visit


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