Trials of Miles: October 5K Twilight

West Side Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07304

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Event Description

Event details and schedule

8:00 P.M. Women's Heat B

8:20 P.M. Men's Heat B

8:40 P.M. Women's Heat A

9:00 P.M. Men's Heat A


1) Location: We've been given the green light to host the event at the Lincoln Park Track & Field Complex in Jersey City (see video below). It's a beautiful facility, and is extremely easy to get to from Lower Manhattan. We will likely have some kind of shuttle option available, but it's also within walking distance of the Journal Square Path Station. 
2) Current Entries: We currently have 12-16 men and 10-12 women committed to the event and expect those numbers to increase in the coming days.
On the men's side, it looks like the first heat will have a large number of 13:55-14:05 guys with a few who could run closer to 13:30. In heat B, we're expecting most people to be in the 14:10 - 14:45 range.
On the women's side most of our current entrants have PBs between 16:20 and 17:30. We'll likely have two women's heats as well, but all of this is still subject to change.
3) Pacing:  We are planning to bring in some pacers who can hit the splits below. 
13:30 pace=65.xx per lap
14:00 pace=67.xx per lap
14:30 pace=70.xx per lap
16:20 pace=79.xx per lap
16:50 pace=81.xx per lap
17:20 pace=84.xx per lap
4) COVID PROTOCOL: In an effort to protect everyone, we have several COVID protocols that will be in place on and before race day. Please take a few minutes to review.  
5) SPECTATORS: As you can see outlined in the COVID Precaution document, we will not be allowing spectators into the facility.  However, we will be providing live video (see bullet #6) and live online splits (see bullet #7) so people around the country can watch the event happen in real time. Although we intend on promoting the event some, we will not disclose location, again for your safety.
6) LIVE VIDEO: Our goal is to have the races live streamed on youtube, ideally with 2 different camera views.
7) FAT RESULTS/LIVE SPLITS: There will be live online 400 meter splits and all results will be FAT.
8) PRIZE MONEY/SPONSORS: We are in the process of working through sponsorships and prize money.  Expect another e-mail within the next week with more details. If you have any leads on brands or companies that would be interested in having a race named after them or potentially headlining the meet, don't hesitate to reach out! 
9) PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS: In an effort to capture the night, we will be inviting a few NYC based photographers and videographers.

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