Run the Moon

610 Skyline Blvd
San Bruno, CA 94066


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Event Description

The universe’s first race on the moon, where the winner isn’t just the fastest, but also the most compassionate.

Run the Moon for an adventure of your mind, body and soul
Run 90.1 Moon-gravity, Visionary* miles through the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon
(or if 90.1 isn’t enough for you, bring the Earth’s gravity with you and complete 544 Earth-gravity, Visionary* miles before 2021)
Race starts on the new moon: September 17th, 2020 at 4:00am local time
And you have until 2020’s final full moon (December 29th, 2020 at 7:28pm local time) to cross the other side of the tranquil sea
You can do your miles running, walking or dancing, on your own time whenever, however works best for you (sample flight plans on website)
Around your block, in a National Park, on your treadmill, on the actual Moon - the possibilities are endless
When your watch is linked up to PWR Lab (we will send you info on how!), your miles magically make their way to the moon map leaderboard
More questions before ordering your space suit? Check out our FAQ on the website 

*Visionary racing is just like real live racing - it’s a real race, with real tracking and verification (thanks to PWR Lab) of the miles you do, with all the personal growth opportunities (and more!) of a live race, it just requires you to use your imagination a bit more, and one might argue that’s not all that bad :)

Get ready for a wild rocketship ride of self-growth, adventure, and self-love

Rewire your mind.
Using science-backed research on the power of positive psychology and neuroplasticity, we have crafted a jam-packed program of simple, yet fun-filled challenges to prime your brain for positive thinking. By taking part in our daily gratitude practice, daily feelings check-ins, weekly intention settings (and more!), you not only earn points to win awesome prizes, you also gently guide your mind down the neural pathways that lead to more joy, more inner peace, and ultimately more eudaimonia: a sense of well-being that is not based on an end state, but rather on the process and the journey of fulfilling one’s virtuous, varied potentials and growing into one’s true authentic self.

Restore your body.
In addition to moving your body through the Sea of Tranquility, we have curated a moon market of products and resources for you to (1) better understand and get in touch with your body, and (2) give your body the nutrients, supplements, recovery, love that it needs to be its best self. We have great free trials, discounts and prizes for awesome brands that help you understand your body deeply (PWR Lab, InsideTracker and more) in addition to treating it like royalty.

Reveal your soul.
For centuries the Moon has held a mystical meaning for many. Following the lunar cycle as we race, we will tap into the Moon’s mystical energy to learn to listen to our own intuition and inner self. We will explore the meaning of the Moon for ancient cultures and the different traditions and rituals that have emerged from the Moon’s presence. (And perhaps finally figure out who hung the moon.)

a visionary race made with silliness, science & tons of self-love 

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