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Another Virtual Event, YUP!! But this ones different and worth the read. Keep reading!

Here we go into 2021 (do not sigh!! stay positive!!) We need to get creative to continue to stay in shape, keep our sanity, be happy, and enjoy the outdoors. We have so many restrictions happening in the world around us why not have a virtual event that you have all the control over.  Yes I said it, you heard it… you choose your distance for this challenge. You set your goal, you can reach it for yourself, in honor of someone else or just because your bored today! Not everyone can do a 5K, but everyone has a goal they want to reach.

*******Is there a registration fee?**********

********Registration is free for this event, we only ask that you donate what you can to this fundraiser so that we can reach or exceed our goal. 

You will see a processing fee, but we are going to take that out of your donation amount so you don't have to pay more than you want to donate!***********

Who am I and why am I doing this?

Hi nice to meet you! I am Lisa and my husband, and I live in Orange County NY. I am 40 years old the mother of four amazing kids and have four rescue dogs. (also, three fish, cannot forget them) I have two brothers Michael and Sean. We made this awesome team of super siblings growing up and although we fought like cats and dogs (what siblings don’t?), we are best friends. In April of 2020 life changed for all of us, Sean passed away and our team is down a man, but we are still all best friends.

So why am I doing this? Like so many others in this world Sean suffered from mental illnesses, substance abuse and anxiety. These challenges did not define him, but they made his road a rocky one some days. Sean died three days before his 31st birthday and wanted nothing more in this world than to help as many dogs as he could, spend as much time outside in nature, go fishing, ride his bike and smile every single day. So, I am going to continue his dream for him with this and many other events that will help different charities each time. This event will benefit a local Dog Rescue that Sean believed in, they helped Sean’s emotional support dog Bruiser and my family during the challenging time after Sean’s death. Bruiser is a King Charles Cavalier that suffers from MVD and congestive Heart Failure. He is 11 years old and beating all the odds for the life expectancy and health. Bruiser rises to the challenge every single day to keep going and live a healthy life with help from Sean’s family.  I want to honor Sean and all the other souls gone to soon in this world together with a community of like-minded positive people just trying to move forward in reaching their personal goals every day.

What is a Virtual Reach Your Distance Challenge?

A Virtual Reach Your Distance Challenge is a challenge to set your own distance and reach your goal. The challenge date June 5th 2021 until June 6th 2021, you have got 24 hours to complete your goal and a whole lotta time to raise some money for our fundraiser beforehand.  (easy right?) You can donate any amount; no amount is too big or too small. You can post your challenge distance/ end time, your story, your motivation and if you are honoring someone you love, let us know it all. You can stay anonymous, donate, and post nothing that is up to you too.  There is no pressure here, just motivation and a community of people with the same goal; move forward every day, help others beyond us and honor our loved ones in a positive way.

What is the catch?

There are no excuses accepted…(ok maybe a few I’m not that tough) but that is the biggest part of the challenge, maybe that is the challenge itself for you.  YOU CAN DO THIS because you are in control of it and we are here to motivate you and be proud of you when you complete your goal.


WHY should you do this? ( Besides the fact that this is just PLAIN AWESOME)

In this world we are living in today there are so many different lives to appreciate, so many different struggles to understand but there is always one common end game; we all want to reach our goals. There are no restrictions on this, you can run, walk, skip, wheelchair, use a cane, have some help from a friend, sprint, do the challenge with your family, friends, or pet. (Just remember to wear a mask and social distance)

The challenge is to decide on your goal distance, make it a challenge for yourself and reach it. It can be ONE STEP more than you took the day before in physical therapy, it can be 5 miles more than your run before. In life there are no limitations to how you progress, the important part is that you progress forward. It is all in your control, just like your own life, you make the choices, and you oversee how your reach your goal. YOU CAN DO THIS! This is not a virtual 2k,5k or 10k so there is no worry about training for THIS challenge. Everyone is included and everyone can participate if you go forward and move toward your positive progress.

  Let’s face it, some challenges and choices in life require the help from someone else, and that is okay too! Even rescue dogs need to overcome challenges before they get to a forever family!

What if I do not want to participate in the challenge?

THATS OK, (but I wish you would) YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE IN A BIG WAY!! You can donate and share the link of the fundraiser to raise more funds. You are still participating in supporting the cause and raising funds by sharing the link.  This is a great way to make a difference and help so many dogs in need while honoring Sean and all the other lives gone too soon.

How can you participate in the nationwide event?

You can run, walk, or stroll.  Indoors or outdoors.  Bring your dog or leave em' home. ( Someone’s gotta keep the couch warm for you while you are out!)

Use a treadmill, walk in place while watching a movie (while your dog is next to you).

Run/walk with your whole family or by yourself with your headphones on jamming out to some tunes.

Go to a local park or track and just go the distance! (Show up some high school track stars while supporting a good cause.)

Get up in the middle of the night because you cannot sleep and jump on that treadmill and get tired!!

Go for a morning run before work to get ready for the day knowing you started your day saving some lives.

Set your kids up in the stroller, pack some snacks and go for a walk after a long day to end it right! They say kids sleep better after some fresh air!

Go a little further in physical therapy, use your cane to take one more step down the block, use a wheelchair to go a few feet more than the day before.

It really does not matter how creative you get (get some costumes and let’s get weird), just go the distance you set for yourself and raise some funds.

How can you spread the word? Brag about your accomplishments? Get your friends to join in other states?

That is the best part of a virtual challenge, anyone anywhere can do it at the same time and feel connected while being apart. Take some pictures while you are completing your distance and post on our Facebook page.

Send, share, and like the Facebook page so that others will know and can donate also.

Share your story of who you are honoring, what your challenge was and how your reached it, who helped you get there and how long did it take. Post some pictures or videos too! Let’s do this thing with a smile because we are saving lives while we do it!

The Facebook page and Instagram page will be updated with the final donation contribution. Let’s help as many dogs as we can!!  

Which Organization are you donating to?

All the funds raised are going to benefit Grateful Doggies Rescue Family of Warwick NY. Grateful Doggies Rescue Family is an organization that rescues dogs from both local and southern shelters. While offering them sanctuary in foster homes while they rehabilitate and prepare them for their forever homes.

Where does Grateful Doggies Rescue Family Funds go?

These donations will go towards transport, shelter fees, medical needs, food, foster care, and anything else these dogs need to make their way to their final stop, to their FOREVER HOMES.

What is the long-term goal for Sean’s Dream?

This Virtual Reach Your Distance Challenge will be the first of many events for years to come. The goal is to get this challenge to travel nationwide! (That is easy to do because it virtual) Sean lived all over the United States and we would love to see this fundraiser spread to as many states as possible. I want to hear from everyone, I want to share your memories and learn about the people that you are honoring during this event. I want to see pictures of your furry friends too! We want to start a community of people that can join several events a year for Sean’s Dream with their families, friends, and pets too. Let’s start this slow and steady and watch it grow together nationwide. Keep your eye out for future events to come as well.

Please donate whatever you can and share the link to spread the word about this amazing fundraiser. Every dollar counts, there is no donation too big or too small. Check out the links below to get yourself started… Go to the Facebook page and Instagram to join the virtual community and see what others are doing.

Thank you for being a part of this, thank you for donating and spreading the word. Lets make sure all the ones we honor during this challenge live on forever through us… My goal is a 5k, and I run for my brother Sean… Who are you reaching your goal for?



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