Ode to the Night

5000 Mcginnis Road
Holly, MI 48442

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Event Description

Welcome to the Ode to the Night: Where "Finishing Last Means the Most"®

Want to get into the Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra in July? Just win here!

If you like running at night with friends on a safe park road, this is the race for you.
The main Saturday night race will start at 8:30 pm to simulate the light conditions that will happen for the July Ode to Laz race.

4.167 mile race runners, join us Sunday morning at 8:30 am for our famous Ode to Laz Trail loop
Run one 4.167 mile out and back lap of the Ode to Laz night loop every hour backyard style, or run continuous. Run any distance you'd like up to 12 hours. Headlights required. You can switch from the "Backyard Format" to continuous if you wish, at any time, and your classification changes permanently to a "continous" runner. There is no switching from continuous to the "backyard" category after the start of the race.

We will have coffee and soup. Setup a canopy for your pit crew area and get ready to log some miles or cheer the other runners through the night.

To top things off, why don't you run a bonus 13th loop at 8:30 am and simulate a transition to the Ode Trail Loop!
The night loop:
The 4.167 miler Ode to Laz Trail Loop; https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2590685977

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