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Event Description

The newest addition to the Insomniac Series is back again in 2021, the Stunner Virtual Night Run. We are stoked to offer yet another opportunity to run under the night sky this July as the fourth event in the Insomniac Series.  Amazement and wonder await runners who venture along the milky way to escape the daytime doldrums. Run with others virtually around the world and become part of a larger community that dares to stun the darkness with the fire of personal achievement.

Skip your nightly routine, put a pause on that Netflix binge, and chase your miles under the city lamp lights to discover both the light and dark. You'll be surprised by you find. Choose from four distances offered or take the ultra challenge and run all distances for the Stunner Dawn Breaker 93K.

The Stunner Virtual Night Run is part of the Virtual Insomniac Series, challenging runners from around the world to come together and shed a little light into the night. Join a community of runners and experience an adventure made possible through online social sharing. Take photos, make videos, explore your cities, and share your stories of motivation, inspiration, and triumph with us and with each other. Stun the world with your fire and light the way for others. Join us this July!  

How It Works

  1. Register for the event distance of your choosing, or sign up for the Dawn Breaker Challenge and run ALL of the event distances
  2. Run your event distance and track it with a GPS device, tracking app (Strava Record, Map My Run, etc.), or treadmill.
  3. Upload your results to the Run Signup Dashboard.  You can enter your results manually, or upload a .GPX file from your watch platform (Strava, Garmin Dashboard, etc) or from your treadmill with iFit.


For the endurance fanatics who claim they can go all night long, we issue you a challenge that will crown you a true insomniac and earn you the Stunner Dawn Breaker Coaster. Run each distance throughout the week (one per night) or combine all distances to run 93K in one night! Opt in during registration. Will you take the challenge?

Uploading Your Results- Best Practices

Entering your results into the Run Signup dashboard is a very user friendly process.  The easiest way is to manually enter your results.  To ensure fairness and fun-ness please do your best to follow the best practices listed below.

  1. If you run your event distance over multiple runs, please be sure to upload one run with your total elapsed time for your event time. For example, if you are doing a 50K and run 25K starting at 8am, then run a second 25K finishing at 8pm-- your total time for the 50K would be 8 hours. (Please note that this does not include Dawn Breaker Participants)
  2. Keep evidence of your activity.  If you want to be considered for any podium awards (unique virtual badge + social shout out), you must have proof of your activity.  This can be as simple as having your Strava profile as public so that we can verify the run, or keeping a photo of your treadmill showcasing time, distance, feet gained (when applicable). 
  3. Dawn Breakers Only: Upload 1 activity for the Dawn Breaker Challenge Event with your cumulative activity time. If you are entered in the Dawn Breaker, you will need to enter 1 result for that event, in addition to submitting results in each individual event you complete in 1 effort.  Please be sure to enter your cumulative activity time for your event time.  For example, if you complete each event distance throughout the week- add up those elapsed times (not just moving time) and submit that time for your finish time. If you have any questions please reach out to
  4. Dawn Breaker RIDERS Only: Complete your 100M Ride in 1 Activity and Upload. We encourage all riders to complete this 100M century ride in 1 push to complete the Dawn Breaker Challenge.  However, if you are going to break it into multiple rides, please use your total elapsed time and submit it as one activity. For example- if you do a 50 mile ride on Saturday starting at 8am and you do another 50 miles on Sunday finishing at 10a, your total time would be 26 hours.

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