Z5 Rock & Roll'R Multi-Stage Triathlon

11291 Knights Griffin Road
Thonotosassa, FL 33592

Running > 5 mile, 5k, Half Marathon, Obstacle Race

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Event Description

Welcome to the X-League Adventure racing series.

Athlete heat placement will be based on registration, so please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up.*


(X) Factor for this event: Threshold

There will be 2 swim segments, 2 bike segments, and a final 5k run. At the beginning of each segment, a 20 min cutoff timer will begin. Every athlete gets 20 min to complete the segment distance and then use the remaining time to rest and transition to the next event.

NOTE: No need to rush segment transitions unless you are short on the allotted time. The faster you complete each segment the more time you have to transition and rest. (It pays to be fast). This means that, unlike a traditional triathlon, transition times do not count towards your overall event time. 

Awards are awarded to the top 3 in each segment and the top 3 overall times. 



Begin 20 min segment timer 

500-yard OW Swim Segment #1

End 20 min segment timer 
Begin 20 min segment timer 


Wahoo-Rollr 5-mile TT Bike Segment #1
End 20 min segment timer

500-yard OW Swim Segment #2
Begin 20 min segment timer

Wahoo-Rollr 5-mile TT Bike Segment #2
End 20 min segment timer

5K Run will not have a time limit.

I Don't get it. Can you give me an example?        Absolutely!

Example 1: If an athlete swims 500 yards at a pace of 2:10/100yards. The athlete will finish in 10 minutes and 50 seconds. This allows the athlete 9 minutes and 10 seconds to lower their heart rate, take a few deep breaths, consume a cold beverage and walk (approximately 50 yards) to the next segment.

Example 2: Athlete is able to hold and maintain 18mph for the bike segment. Each bike segment is 5 miles. This athlete will finish the bike ride in 16 minutes and 40 seconds allowing this athlete 3 minutes and 20 seconds to catch their breath and walk to the next segment that starts precisely at the 20-minute mark.

Again, it pays to be fast kids! - the faster you finish, the more time you have to rest, 

Coaching tip- You need adequate rest to maintain Zone 5 on all segments. 

Once the first heat is lined up to run the second heat will begin.

First heat athletes will have an opportunity to relax in the AC in the barn. Athletes and their families are welcome to spectate the second heat and cheer their fellow competitors. The barn will have live music, a photo booth, and food for a small extra charge. (You don’t want to miss the food) No pizza and soda as you have come accustomed to in races.

This will be an experience like no other. Treat it as a race, treat it as a training event, or simply let it be a family day out. 

Our family will be there, will yours?

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