C26 Run Camp - Feb '25

Nunnelly, TN 37137


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Included in your entry fee is 4 dinners, 1 lunch, a snack and a camp shirt. 

This camp is designed for athletes looking to both boost their run fitness over the winter and spend quality time with other athletes in an amazing atmosphere.  This 5 day run camp will include 6-8 total runs of varying length, duration and intensity. The duration and mileage of each run will be based on the athletes specific abilities and goals and placed in a specific run group. The #1 rule is NO ONE RUNS ALONE. If you have attended any of our triathlon or swim camps you know that we start together and end together.  Runs will be on both trail and  gravel road so please bring the appropriate footwear. Like all of our other camps this camp is for EVERY ability. 

This year, we will be adding back team style workouts where everyone runs together. Our training sessions will be based on TIME. So no matter how slow or fast you are, we will all be finishing at the same time. Activities may include (but not limited to) hill repeats, capture the flag relays, mapped out course runs, hiking expeditions, cold plunges at the end of the day to heal those sore muscles...and more! We will have 2-3 sessions per day, with time in between to hang out in the lodge with our C26 teammates!

Training can be a lonely endeavor especially in the winter months when it's colder and the sunlight hours are at a minimum. This is a great opportunity to keep you motivated and excited to train through those tough winter months. You will leave this camp in better run shape than ever and go home with either new friendships or having become even better friends with your fellow team members. This venue also serves as a great place to just get away and disconnect from the stress of every day life. A true Runcation. The backdrop of the Five Star Retreat will be perfect for the scheduled downtime and enjoying the incredible scenery in both fall and winter months. 

You DO NOT need to be some seasoned trail veteran!! One of the wonderful things about this location is the variety of terrain we have to choose from. We will have gravel, roads and dirt trail. These trails are only as technical as you want them to be. They are normally used for hiking and ATV’s to get around the 450 acres of land they have there. The terrain has options of rolling hills, long gradual inclines as well as very steep inclines. 

Prepare to have fun and really enjoy yourself. We will be running in an incredible place, but you will also have plenty of down time to hang out with new and old friends! Come prepared to soak it in. Here is a list of the activities they have onsite. http://www.fivestarretreat.com/activities.php

One of the best things about this being an “athlete only” camp is that not only will I adjust your training to make sure you are prepared for run camp. I will also be aware of your current fitness, goals, strengths and limitations. I will use this info to control the duration of your runs, walks, hikes while also pairing you with a partner of group to do your session with based on those abilities. You will not be alone and you will not be asked to do something you are not prepared to do.

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