Human Potential Running Series: Fat Ass Series

Colorado's Front Range
Denver, CO 80002


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Event Description

The World's Largest Fat Ass Series

The Human Potential Fat Ass Series is the ultimate training grounds for any aspiring, or veteran, trail and ultramarathon runner. Weathering storms on the trail is a vital piece of the ultra running puzzle. The FA series is where runners have the opportunity to fiddle and fidget with the various needs and processes they plan to implement come race day, while putting in invaluable training miles with a like-minded community of runners. This is the place to face adversity head on because; “We must put in both the work and the play if we wish to race another day.

The “Fat Ass” is a tradition within the sport of ultra running that dates back to the late 1970s. Traditionally they have been known to operate under the moniker of “No Awards. No Aid. No Wimps.” You’ll find just that here. To learn more about the history of Fat Ass Runs, please CLICK HERE

We’ve worked hard to create a series of winter training runs that allow runners of all abilities to come out and enjoy some challenging runs while affording them a taste (as big or as small a bite as you’d like) of trail and ultrarunning. At the Human Potential Fat Ass Series, your speed does not matter.. only your internal desire to face adversity does. How many or few miles you run of a particular Fat Ass is entirely up to you. When you run, where you run, and whom you run with is also entirely up to you. We hope the structure of the Fat Ass Series helps you learn something about yourself, about each other, and even affords you the chance to meet new running friends. For further questions and inquiries please email:

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